We believe in word of mouth, our services is our marketing strategy: Tanmay Saksena, COO, 1mg

It's too early to worry about competition: Saksena

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Updated: Sep 29, 2017 9:10 AM

1mg, an e-commerce healthcare start-up based in Gurgaon has come up with their very first campaign – Grandmaster Series, which aims to praise unsung heroes in the field of medicine. The company was formerly known as Healthkart. Tanmay Saksena, COO, 1mg spoke to exchange4media about their marketing strategy, plans and challenges ahead. Excerpts:

You recently launched your first campaign “Grandmaster Series”. What was the idea behind it?
The underlined theme around the campaign is that we stand for certain rules, trust and reliability. People are losing faith in the system, trust deficit has become significant. People have started believing that it is all about business and want to make money from patients. At 1mg, we aspire to bring back faith in the institution of medicine and thought to start with a campaign and demonstrate doctors who actually showcase the spirit, idea of serving, and dedication towards patients.

The company was founded in 2012 but just now released its first campaign. Why this has taken so much time?
Not five years, 1 mg came out as a project under Healthkart. 1mg is two year old and over those years, we were building our valuable proposition primarily based on information for medicines and drugs. We wanted to build this platform filled with services and to get into a level of maturity before start talking about our brand. Doing it pre-maturely is not a great idea at all.

The competition in online medicine business is on an increase. What is your strategy to deal with the competitors?
Our viewers’ competition is great because the market is vast. It is fairly saturated and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. As long as everybody is focused, there is enough in the market for everybody. It’s too early to worry about the competition.

What is the marketing strategy that I mg follows?
Well we believe in ‘word of mouth’, and want our services to be our strategy. We do not invest in TVC s like the others so but prefer using online channels. Most of our growth has come through ‘word of mouth’ because people find value in our services and we will continue this. Now we are moving towards campaigns, this explains the Grandmaster Series. We want the whole word to know about what we stand for, what our vision is. We want to convey these sentiments through our campaigns.

Do you still follow a start-up culture or the company has left that tag behind?
No, not at all we are still too young. There are lots of problems we still need to solve; we are solving one problem at a time. We are in a market that is ready for disruption. We still have to grow our business. I think we are far from being a large company.

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