Upstox's new logo symbolizes transformation & progression: Shrini Viswanath

Upstox Co-founder Viswanath shared that they want to eliminate complexities and make investment seamless, intuitive, and more accessible with the launch of their new platform

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Published: Oct 26, 2021 8:41 AM  | 4 min read
Shrini Viswanath

Celebrating the magnanimous growth the platform has achieved in over a decade and its contribution to trading and investing trends in India, Upstox, from RKSV Securities, recently announced a complete brand overhaul with an updated logo and platform.  Standing with a user base of over six million, the platform is gearing up for contributing even more to financial literacy within the market, improving the rate of equity participation in the country, and developing a diverse suite of investment products with a unified approach of moving upwards with each passing day. In a recent email conversation with, Upstox Co-founder Shrini Viswanath shared all about the brand journey thus far, the details about the revamp and way ahead for the brand.

Edited excerpts follow:

Tell us more about the brand refresh, the new logo, and the reasons that prompted this change. 

Market and customer tastes are changing rapidly, and so are the communication channels. We believe that a brand refresh is essential for maintaining and even earning relevancy in the market. Staying up to date with market trends and consumer sentiment is crucial for any business. At this point, we saw the need to create a new identity that represented the essence of our brand. And, we don't want to stop here - at least not yet; we want to push the envelope and explore new realms.

Our new logo symbolizes transformation and progression to the next stage of development. The upward arc in the logo represents our steady and consistent upward movement and growth. Rather than relying on narrow, literal concepts like graphs or charts, it depicts an upward movement intuitively. The arc fits neatly into the fore of the 'u,' creating a custom letterform that is a modern take on a decade-old way of writing—on paper, in cursive. 

The brand's colour palette has been updated to purple, representing exclusivity and the wisdom of time-honored investing made modern. The new brand design and logo emphasise simplicity and agility, which are important to the company. It marks a new era for brand Upstox and reaffirms its promise of growth. 

How will this change reflect on your platform and apps?

The new platform's design is clean, modern and sleek, which improves usability and user experience. The platform aims to empower users by equipping them with tools, insights and information that will enable them to make informed trading decisions. The new app will allow users to create dynamic watchlists, view curated news, access reports, and make withdrawals instantly. The user can log in with a single tap and experience a faster and accessible platform. 

With the launch of our new platform, we want to eliminate complexities and make investment seamless, intuitive, and more accessible. Upstox's new platform is currently available on Google Play Store and will be rolled out on the web and iOS soon.

There is more in the pipeline, additional tools will be added to improve the way customers apply for IPOs, discover and analyze stocks, trade options using a powerful strategy builder, to getting AI-backed insights. The new Upstox will always keep upgrading to empower our customers and consistently improve the trading and investment experience.

What is your marketing strategy to promote this brand refresh?

The logo is a fundamental branding tool and a powerful way to influence the target audience. There are numerous ways to promote a brand logo, and the preferred method is to mix and match for a customized marketing mix. At the moment, Upstox’s new logo has been introduced to the audience via TVCs and on digital mediums. 

What is the way ahead for Upstox from here?

Rapid technological transformation has brought a radical shift in the way people invest today. We want to increase financial awareness with the aim to improve the rate of equity participation in India, which is presently at 3–4%. We aim to build a diverse suite of investment products for customers and become a one-stop solution for all of their investment needs. As a brand, we want to empower Indians by equipping them to make better investment and trading decisions, thus taking them a step further towards financial independence. 

We want to be the brand of choice for the new generation of traders and investors and intend to expand financial inclusion in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets. We anticipate that by the end of the fiscal year 2022, our customer base will be more than 10 million.

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