The purpose of marketing is not buzz creation, that's simply a means: Chandramouli Venkatesan

At Maddies Awards, Venkatesan, MD, Mondelez India Foods, who was also Jury Chair, points out the difference between buzz creation and changing consumer mentality, as he says , "Sometimes in new age marketing we get so caught up in the idea and the activity, that we lose the core"

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Updated: Sep 10, 2015 7:54 AM
The purpose of marketing is not buzz creation, that's simply a means: Chandramouli Venkatesan

The inaugural edition of Maddies Awards was held yesterday in Mumbai to acknowledge work done in India that reflects effective mobile marketing strategies.

Winners were selected by a jury of industry veterans with Chandramouli Venkatesan, Managing Director, Mondelez India Foods as the Jury Chair.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Venkatesan commented on his experience as Jury Chair for the awards. He said, “I thank exchange4media Group for letting me be part of these awards. It was quite an educational experience for me. Thanks also to my fellow jury members who made the jury meet a pleasurable experience. I know it takes a degree of effort to send in entries so I would like to acknowledge all those who submitted their work for the awards.”

He went on to explain the principals by which the winners were selected. “We acknowledged that this is new age marketing and a new age industry and since the purpose of the awards is recognition and encouragement, we wanted to give out as many awards as we could.

“For Gold award selections we decided to not only have a relative scale but also have an execute scale so we were more selective in this section. Considering we were dealing with new age marketing we used a mix of selection methods as a jury.”

Venkatesan went on to point out how new age marketing can adopt from conventional setup while also improving its current model. “What’s going to remain the same is the consumer. I believe the whole purpose behind marketing is to achieve business results by changing consumer behaviour. It’s important for all forms of marketing, especially the new forms to stay true to this fundamental tenet. I often feel the new forms of marketing do not stay true to this,” he opined.

Pointing out the difference between buzz creation and actually changing consumer mentality, Venkatesan said, “The purpose of marketing is not buzz creation, that’s simply a means. Sometimes in new age marketing we get so caught up in the idea and the activity that we lose the core. That’s like putting something on TV and asking what the public awareness of the ad and the upper mind recall is. But finally, that is not the purpose of marketing.”

Venkatesan finds that integration with the brand idea is an equally important part of marketing. “Especially if you use many media it becomes important to stress that no matter what form of marketing we are using we are integrating our marketing with the central brand idea.”

From taking from the classic model of marketing to creating new setup, he believes that improving the current work system will go a long way in convincing more brands to advertise on mobile.

“Our marketing industry has to change a lot in order to adopt new age media. The first of the changes is in infrastructure and eco system. Take an organisation like Modelez and a product like Cadbury Dairy Milk which is a mega brand. We will make one TV ad for which we will spend Rs 30 crore. The marketing organisation of our company is developed for this model where one and half people, working with one agency over two or three months can create a TV ad and a marketing strategy. That’s the nature of marketing organisations that big companies have.

“From my experience with digital media, it is not possible to create one campaign or output using one and a half people and Rs 30 crore of spending. If I have to spend that amount on digital media it seems to take 20 people and 30 campaigns.”

While both the buyers and the creators have to change their outlook on digital media, Venkatesan feels that agencies need to scale up and become one-stop-shops for new age marketing.

“In conventional marketing, the behaviour in the eco system revolves around simple relationships. Where a conventional campaign would take a one to one network, new age marketing seems to take 30 people to do. Then it requires one extremely capable person to coordinate with all these others. Marketing systems do not have the bandwidth to handle coordination between 30 people.

“In a marketing team like mine where I tell them that money is not a constraint, to spend as much as they want on digital marketing, they still don’t manage to spend more than 4-5 per cent of the expense budget. This is because we do not have the organisational capacity,” he explained.

Venkatesan feels that it is the responsibility of agencies to make it easy for companies to invest more in the mobile medium. In addition, both the agencies and brands need to realign their mindsets to new age marketing.

“When I know that one ad takes Rs 30 crore, I want to make sure that ad is right; where my margin for error in getting the ad wrong, is very low. Now we all need to develop mindsets and need to experiment more and take bigger risks,” he concluded.

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