Talking about social issues is very important to us: Sundeep Chugh, Benetton

Benetton recently launched UnitedByVote campaign urging 900 million people in the country to exercise their right to vote in this elections

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Updated: Apr 25, 2019 8:49 AM

Benetton has been a brand that has always stood strong to support issues to bring social transformations. In line with its tradition, the brand recently launched UnitedByVote campaign urging 900 million people in the country to exercise their right to vote in this Lok Sabha elections. 

The manifesto of the campaign emphasised on the real power, the 'power of the vote', that does not lie with political parties but with us. The campaign asks the citizens to show this power by exercising their right to vote. The launch, held at Jai Hind colleague in Mumbai, witnessed a thoughtful panel discussion with speakers such as Saif Ali Khan, Bhumi Pednekar, Siddhanth Chaturvedi and Sundeep Kumar Chugh, CEO & MD, Benetton India.

We caught up with Chug to talk about Benetton which is one of the top fashion brands of the world with a network of more than 5000 stores, yet is responsible in its vision.


Tell us about the idea behind UnitedByVote campaign and how it will help the brand messaging?

UnitedByVote is a part of the series of campaign that has been done in the communication language 'United By' wherein we capture socially relevant subjects. The idea is to generate positive conversations to define what can be done. We need to be known as an enabler brand that helps everyone take the right decisions. Through the campaign, we want to tell people not to get influenced. The campaign wants to tell the people that the biggest power lies with them and they must exercise their votes and contribute to the nation by voting.

It's our 10th campaign in the series where we have spoken to millennials on different social causes like religious tolerance, women equality, breast cancer awareness etc. With the UnitedByVote campaign, we are not only talking to the youth but also the 900 million voters and the entire population. We are telling them that the biggest power lies within them and they should come out and vote. So it's about sharing what we feel and fulfilling our social responsibility. That is one of our key pillars and that's how the brand Benetton is envisaged on.

How did launching an emoji with Twitter happen?

We approached Twitter with the campaign and we together decided that the emoji goes well with it. We believe that it will generate more curiosity and better participation.

How do these initiatives help the brand?

Spending money on these initiatives and talking about certain social issues is a very important 'to do' thing for us at Benetton. We feel it's a social cause and we don't see any business angle in these initiatives. We feel it's our social responsibility and this is how the brand started 65 years ago. So it's a sort of DNA for us and that's a very important element.

So what is the advertisement spent allocated and the media plan for the campaign?

We have a reasonably good budget allocated for this campaign and the campaign is all set to be launched on digital, print, radio and some of the OTT platforms too.

What are the target audiences and the geographical reach of the campaign?

The campaign is targeting everyone who loves Benetton as a brand, its campaigns and the brand's sense of messaging. The campaign has no specific target segmentation and pitches to everyone above the age of 18 who are eligible to vote. The big launches will happen in key metros such as Delhi, Mumbai and Mangalore.


How has the brand’s business in India been and what is the growth it has seen?

We have been doing reasonably well in the country and we have seen a 12% growth in the last 10 years and intend to grow by high double digits, thereby maintaining a leadership position in the country. Our business is mostly wholesale business which is a franchise led business and that's a dominant channel we operate in.


How does the brand stand out in a crowded space?

We want to remain true to ourselves and want to focus on being a collection which is trend right, price right and brand right while adhering to our quality standards.

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