SheThePeople can help brands build trust within women: Shaili Chopra

The platform is not only featuring progressive partner campaigns with its content but also helping brands pick the right causes and marketing strategies

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Updated: Aug 3, 2021 12:50 PM

It’s neither about splashing pink on the labels nor about serving tokenism in the name of inclusion; marketing to women has to go much deeper than just having them in ad campaigns, and certainly beyond just sanitary and beauty products.

It is important to understand the needs and requirements of modern women to make the task of selling more inclusive and meaningful. And it’s understandable that it could be a tricky task to achieve. That’s why, SheThePeople — a digital media website catering to women related news and entertainment content, founded by journalist Shaili Chopra has taken it upon itself to partner with brands to find their purpose and the voice of inclusion. 

In a recent chat with, Chopra shared, “Our sole idea of starting SheThePeople was to change the approach of those in power — be it of the decision-makers and governments with our content or of the brands that are trying to communicate with the female consumer. We just asked ourselves how we can transform modern brands and give them a platform to communicate in a meaningful way with the modern woman, someone who is a powerhouse and is investing in her own career, building her own business, or making sound financial decisions.” 

Now, the platform, along with creating educational and entertainment content for women, is helping brands in finding their purpose and communicating with a community of over 400 million people, out of which 80% are female. 

Chopra elaborates, “It’s disheartening to see that even in the 21st century, a very few brands have moved from just selling sanitary products to women. That seems like the biggest cause of concern for them apart from selling washing detergents and bathing soaps. But a modern woman has more diversified needs -- she is getting educated, she is building a career, and many of them are turning entrepreneurs. And we don’t see many brands communicating to this group of women. There are not many technology brands or financial brands that are creating their campaigns keeping this set of women in mind. So, we realised instead of just pointing out the gap repeatedly, we can extend a helping hand and collaborate with these brands to initiate change.” 

Chopra shares that since the prime user base of their website and social media channels are women between the ages of 18 and 26, living in large cities, mini metros, and tier two regions, the brands can target an aware and active set of neglected consumer base via their platform and marketing content solutions. 

“We don’t only help brands promote their existing campaigns in a targeted fashion, but also help them curate custom social and digital content that could spark conversations and get the right set of consumers to them. Apart from that, our digital women women summit gets participation from hundreds of women entrepreneurs, industry leaders, etc,” Chopra highlighted. 

Over the past few years, Chopra and her team have worked with a number of brands including Google, Facebook, Hotstar, Nestle, Aditya Birla, Philips, and Dove, among many others. 

“Two of the campaigns that remain closest to my heart are: our partnership with Google for their initiative to support small businesses and women entrepreneurs; and our partnership with Dove for their #StopTheBeautyTest campaign. For Google, we were able to bring out inspiring stories of so many women entrepreneurs with our the #MakeSmallStrong campaign from urban and rural areas was heartwarming. For Dove, the response we got when we posted their ad on our IGTV was phenomenal. We hit 1.8 million organic views within just 2-3 days. And the subsequent legs of our campaign witnessed so many comments and messages from women who shared their own stories, which moved us all,” Chopra shared.

Chopra added that brands, especially in the tech and finance sector need to up their approach when it comes to communicating with women consumers and platforms like hers can truly help. “There is a gender gap and not many brands are understanding the women consumer. But the heartening part is that the culture is changing. The CMOs and CXOs of today are so much aware and willing to make a positive difference, that makes me hopeful of driving change,” she quipped.

However, she added that SheThePeople is willing to work only with brands who are into it for the long run and really want to communicate better with women. “We have said no to brands that wanted a commitment of say two social media posts or three social media posts from us. We are not doing this only for monetary benefits but with the idea to make the marketing communications more inclusive. We have been working with Google for the past six years now, and have had a long-standing relationship with the likes of Dove as well. And it’s only because they are working towards a larger goal.”

Going forward, Chopra is planning to expand the base of SheThePeople so she can create an even deeper impact on society. “We are planning to expand our language base. We are already creating content in Hindi & English and have a Bangla social media channel as well. We will introduce more languages to the bouquet soon. Additionally, we are working on a tech product in the women's sexual health and wellness space, which might go live by the end of this year.”

She concluded by saying that the platform is making strides to reach the women in rural areas as well, so they can have a holistic impact on society.

“I just want to tell the brands that they need to build trust with women. They can see through their tokenism and gaffs. And it's high time that they really start catering to the remaining 50% of their consumers in a more sincere manner,” she signed off.

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