PR Trends for 2019: Komal Lath, Tute Consult

Guest Column: Lath, Founder of Tute Consult, says businesses will be parking higher amounts to build more credible conversations than pure play paid direct ads

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Updated: Jan 24, 2019 8:40 AM
Komal Lath

Effective public relations has evolved from the humble press release and events to dialogues, conversations and integrated marketing as a whole. It now has to be a parallel strategy with some of the most effective executions done by leveraging the marketing objectives of your clients. PR is always changing and is a mix of traditional and digital incentives and initiatives.  One has to continually keep up with the trends and tools in which content is consumed. 

Storytelling via social media and AI
While social media has been in the use for a while, most brands tend to deploy separate agencies for both functions when they actually are a natural progression of each other. Also there are tools beyond Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram that help not only amplify the existing message but also create new ones using tools like LinkedIn. It would be interesting to see how PR professional transition from just doing roles to engaging influencers to crafting strategies for various owned media platforms in social but also going deeper to offer multi-lingual and AI-based approaches. If the content crafted has enough SEO key words, it would help in increasing rankings and this is increasingly being done via voice searches, so a great opportunity to capitalise on.

Higher reliance on non-media tools
Non-conventional approaches to creating perception will create larger efficacy going forward. Methods such as speakership platforms, school and college reach-outs and even WhatsApp Groups (without of course Fake News being seeded) are now gaining momentum in creating stronger perceptions. Humanising brands is also an integral element in reaching out, this can be done through guest blogs, podcasts and webinar appearances to create, enhance and build reputation.

Rise of video content consumption
With most of our time spent staring into our primary screen…mobile phones, a lot that is consumed is consumed on the go. PR teams aggressively need to upskill to include video content creation and scripting as job roles to be able to create meaningful communiqué for amplification. Explainer videos which are shareable or GIFs that convey messages will play a role in building credibility and also allowing a larger intersection to be reached at lower costs.

Blurring of Geographies
Communication will see no boundaries and no borders, it will be faster, far more streamlined, and with data being the centre of it all. Using different yet relevant software and monitoring tools (e.g. the guys at Kanalytics do a great job in measurement) will provide the much needed measurement metric for the industry. 

Increasing PR spends
Businesses will be parking higher amounts to build more credible conversations than pure play paid direct ads. Advertorials and influencers will also play integral roles for PR teams who are already in overlapping roles with marketing teams.

Rise of the independent niche agencies
It’s all about specialisations and deepening of talent, outcomes and exposures. Clients are likely to choose you over specialisations than just being a big name. Niche agencies with specific sector expertise will see a steady rise.

(The author is the Founder of Tute Consult, an integrated communications agency)

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of

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