Licensing and merchandising will contribute 20 per cent to our revenues annually: Shriya Ghate, Tinkle

Shriya Ghate, Business Head, Tinkle, spills the beans on the company's vision for its special line of merchandise launched to celebrate its 37th anniversary, its pricing, marketing strategies, and more

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Updated: Nov 16, 2017 9:11 AM

Tinkle has been at the forefront of children's comics in India, delighting generations of readers with stunning illustrations, stories, and regular columns to pique the interest of school children. The magazine, which aims to combine learning and fun, recently completed 37 years in business. To mark the occasion, it launched a special line of Tinkle merchandise in association with Planet Superheroes and Eco Corner. e4m spoke to Shriya Ghate, Business Head at Tinkle, who revealed the brand’s vision for this deal, its price strategy, and more.


Tinkle completed 37 years. How has this journey been?

It has been a wonderful journey through the last few decades. We have been able to touch the lives of many generations through our stories and characters, and we have a dedicated and loyal fan base. We consider ourselves a timeless brand and have made sure that we evolve both in terms of our stories as well as our offerings.

Tell us about the price strategy for this new line of retail merchandise and your vision for this.

This merchandise is priced between Rs. 199 and Rs. 699 and covers a large range of products such as sippers, t-shirts, mobile covers, magnets, notebooks, and so on. The products are competitively priced to make them attractive to our customers.

Do you have any more licensing deals on the cards and how much revenue in per cent do they help you generate?

We are looking at several other licensing deals across other verticals apart from just merchandise. As we have just launched our merchandise line, it is too early to provide specific numbers, but we are aiming to achieve nearly 20 per cent of our annual revenue through licensing and merchandising deals over the next three years.

How are you leveraging your marketing tools to reach out to your target group and also promote this new line?

With this merchandise line, we are heavily targeting the younger audience for whom merchandise is a way of immersing themselves in their favourite franchise. Our largest touch-points are events such as Comic Con, where customers come especially for merchandise and can interact with the brand one on one. Word-of-mouth has always been our strong point and in that respect our readers and fans are our biggest brand ambassadors. We are working with this community as well as our fans on social media, influencers, and bloggers to promote this new line.

What other initiatives are you planning to boost sales and growth?

We are working to expand the reach of our characters by bringing them to television and digital entertainment platforms. In addition to engaging with our existing community of readers, fans, and customers, we are looking to reach our future customers, as this is where our continued growth will come from. To that end, we are expanding our school contact programme as well as our live events, where kids can interact with the brand more closely.

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