India Cements addresses depleting groundwater issue with ‘Coromandel Cares’ campaign

As part of the initiative, the company will reach out to individuals building independent homes and provide them seed balls for growing trees in their new homes

e4m by Simran Sabherwal
Updated: Aug 14, 2019 5:02 PM



Coromandel Cements, from India Cements, has launched a green initiative, Coromandel Cares, to address the problem of depleting groundwater. The initiative is a platform for go green campaigns in Bengaluru and Mysore. As part of the initiative, the company will reach out to individuals building independent houses and provide them seed balls for growing trees in their new homes. It will also offer expert advice to them on building rainwater harvesting structures in their homes for water conservation under the guidance of scientist A R Sivakumar.

Commenting on the initiative, Rakesh Singh, Executive President, The India Cements Ltd, said, “We believe every brand should have a purpose in life and must do certain things that are beyond the call of duty. What concerned us was: Is a customer who has built a house with our cement leading a good life after the construction?”

To start with, the company chose Bangalore for the campaign. Bangalore was chosen as the decreasing green cover and concretisation of the city, particularly in the suburbs, has led to water scarcity. The objective for the company is to make Bangalore green, work on water conservation, address issues of environment protection, sustainable development, and encourage house and apartment builders to adopt greener initiatives. The company is providing home owners, who use Coromandel Cements, with free filters to encourage water harvesting. After Bengaluru and Mysore, India Cements will expand the initiative to Chennai and Kochi.

Singh explains that each city has its own challenges and the company will provide expert guidance and technology depending on the local issues for each city.

As part of the initiative, the company has launched a Seed Bomb campaign to increase the green cover in the city and promote of rainwater harvesting with scientific and cost-effective interventions for water conservation.

Reflecting on the genesis for the campaign, Bala Manian, Founder Partner & Planner, OPN Advertising Pvt Ltd said, “Prior to working on the campaign, we carried out a consumer research in few markets where Coromandel Cement was available. Research revealed that ‘trust’ was a key attribute that determines the choice of cement for the consumer. Thankfully for us, Coromandel also scored highly on the trust dimension. So while the other cement brands were all emphasising on strength as the primary attribute, we opted for a differentiated positioning.”

She added, “We started by asking the question: What would make the consumer trust you? When we show people that we genuinely have their best interests at heart, they automatically trust you! And that’s how The Coromandel Cares campaign was born.”

India Cements is leveraging the services of influencers like its dealers, stockists, contractors and masons, who are being educated about the initiative and also supplied with seed bombs and relevant information. The company is also partnering with events and activities that promote sustainable rainwater harvesting and go green campaigns to create public awareness. India Cements will also have mobile vans visiting construction sites to spread the word. Social media also plays a role with all information and solutions available on the website ( and social media pages (facebook and instagram).

Speaking on what the company’s expectations are from the campaign, Singh said, “A learning from our other brand, Chennai Super Kings, is that when we engage with the fans, they liked us more. This helped in building the brand. My expectation from this initiative is that two years down the line, when I do a market survey, the consumer should say that Coromandel Cements is doing a good job. If the consumer is confident about the brand, our long-term prospects are assured. We are not linking it to sales but are definitely looking for brand growth and making the brand stronger.


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