IMPACT Annv Spl: New twists in brand development

Indraneel Ganguli, Head - Marketing, ANZ, APAC, India & MEA writes about the seven key aspects of brand development in the new environment.

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Updated: Dec 14, 2011 7:27 AM
IMPACT Annv Spl: New twists in brand development

Consumers are changing globally. Their attitudes will drive changes and be the harbinger of new trends. Brands, therefore, have to consider them, the environment and find innovative ways to play the game. Productisation and industrialisation of services in the next few months will further see this drive as service-providers continue to invest in “non-linearity” and bring per-account costs further down. This trend will help end-user organisations as they receive better service delivery at the same or lower cost.

The second aspect is when the Telecom Service Providers will enter the market - with cloud-based services seeing increased traction, traditional telecom players have started to foray into this domain. This trend will further intensify in the near future and we will witness increased competition resulting in further lowering of prices and improvements in offerings. And finally, the proliferation of Everything-as-a-Service.

New delivery models and methodologies will enable providers to help their clients be smarter about the way they consume services, and link system maintenance costs to the value generated by the processes supported by these systems. This trend will not only benefit the clients, as they will now be paying only for what they consume, but also will help the whole services market to mature.

1. Meaningful consumption - green activism, anti-materialism, return to fundamental societal values, green tech, energy efficiency, automation
2. Irreverence, a better tomorrow, transparency and accountability, a new world order – crowd-sourcing, Wikification, etc.
3. Simplification of cluttered life-spaces - unified communications, mobile payments, enterprise mobility, convergence, etc.
4. Escapism, virtual worlds, virtual economies - Second life, Facebook, Twitter, virtual goods, virtual friends, etc.
5. Addressing the BIG crew change – how do we fill the large mass of skilled workforce that retires now?
6. Ability to deal with change and make that a “new normal”
7. Going down to the basics of brand value measures

(Indraneel Ganguli is Head - Marketing, ANZ, APAC, India & MEA, Marketing & Communication at Mahindra Satyam.)


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