IMPACT Annv Spl: Ruby Bana on winning over consumers in the South

According to Ruby Bana, Chief Strategy, and Insights Officer, Madison Media, consumers in the South do not choose a brand based on status granted by the brand. He is smart and picks the best price bargain.

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Published: Nov 22, 2011 8:27 AM  | 2 min read
IMPACT Annv Spl:  Ruby Bana on winning over consumers in the South

Appeal to value at an intellectual level: The South consumer distinguishes himself from the rest by not choosing a brand based on status granted by the brand, on being smart and picking the best price bargain, not going by frivolous features... but a well-balanced cost-benefit analysis that would shame any sociologist. There are brands that do brilliantly in the South alone while they struggle elsewhere in the country, and vice versa... this “intellectual benefit” is often where the answer lies.

Mothers take mommying seriously: Labels, contents, benefits are checked in extreme detail. Budget and indulgence are sacrificed for the healthiest the competitive edge. This is indeed an ambitious Tiger Mom country compared to the indulgent North mother.

Gold and milk magic: Most products with this in the mix seem to connect better, be they sales promo or contents in a face cream!

Cleanliness is next to Godliness: By far, all value-added cleaning products do better in the South... Check any category from disinfectants to toilet cleaners to air purifiers...

Word of mouth is much more critical in the South. One bad batch and you’ve lost them, on the other hand, one great product launch with good sampling support flies off the shelf with lower ad dollar support.

Flash is a turn-off (only exception being Gold and Sarees): It goes against the aspiration intellectual high ground!

Intellectualism fails in front of the South’s’ mega icons: All! The most intellectual of them will admit this with a sheepish grin!

In spite of generalisations above, as marketers we must never forget that there are four states with four languages, four film industries and four ethnographies... so there is a north-south (Andhra Pradesh), east-south (Kerala), west-south (Karnataka) and south- south (Tamil Nadu)!

The above are just generalisations and hence to be taken at a very surface level.


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