Idea was to focus on the aroma factor: Prashant Gaur on Pizza Hut’s new digital ad

Gaur, Chief Brand and Customer Officer, Pizza Hut India Subcontinent, talks about the insights behind the campaign and the reason for choosing the digital medium

e4m by Dolly Mahayan
Updated: Feb 27, 2019 8:44 AM

Pizza Hut has launched a digital film for netizens, showcasing the ‘fun’ element associated with the brand and emphasizing on the ‘aroma’ that its products are known for. Banking on humour-based content, the brand aims to break the clutter in the QSR industry with this video. The film also talks about Pizza Hut’s ‘Wow Delivery 50% off’ offer.

Talking about the insight behind the campaign, Prashant Gaur, Chief Brand and Customer Officer, Pizza Hut India Subcontinent, says that taste is the biggest driver in the category and they wanted to make a film that highlights the “distinctive aroma” of Pizza Hut pan pizzas in an interesting way.

“This ad not only achieves that objective, but also enhances it with the element of a surprising twist at the end, that successfully piques viewers’ interest and makes it memorable,” he says.

Made in a quirky way, the video, at the start, looks like an ad of a deodorant brand, but then the plot changes in an interesting way.

“Most of our communications are centered on tasting pan pizzas because we feel that it is the single biggest differentiator that we have. We’ve been using various communication platforms, and this time, we thought of creating a campaign just for the internet users. Audience spends a lot of time on the internet; they browse a lot of video content online. The digital push will spur conversations around the film amongst netizens. This is the first of the many more films that we will be launching going forward,” explains Gaur.

Sharing the reasons behind opting for the digital medium for this campaign, Gaur says, “We feel that the consumption of this kind of content would be higher on the digital medium. We are expecting a lot of engagement and conversations around this content, which is possible more on the digital medium and not as much on TV. Our expectation is that more and more viewers on the internet will see it and thus the share, forward and comment will bring more engagement.”

On being asked about how ads are usually developed in the QSR industry, Gaur says the idea is to keep the ads simple enough for the consumers to understand them.

“Most of the ads are easy for the consumers to understand and comprehend. Especially, when ads are based functional benefits, they are very direct and straight. In the entire film, till about the 25th second, you don’t even know that it’s actually a commercial from a QSR brand. The whole talk about the brand and the value only kicks in in the last 5-7 seconds,” says Gaur.

The brand is steadily expanding its physical store footprint and touched the 500th physical store recently in the Indian Subcontinent.

The campaign is conceived by Ogilvy & Mather.

Talking about the campaign, Kapil Arora, President - Ogilvy Group Companies-North, said, “What’s the precursor to a lip smacking, delicious pizza from Pizza Hut? It’s irresistible aroma! One which entices your taste buds, in anticipation of the treat to come. We decided to dramatize that very enticing aroma of the tastiest pizzas, in this campaign. Taking on stereotypical, fake deodorant and toothpaste attraction stories, we contrasted the magnetic pull of irresistible pizzas from Pizza Hut”.

Shedding light on the strategy of video content, he replied, “We will keep coming back with such interesting video content for our TG, which is millennial. We will continue to push our thinking as far as creativity is concerned and the ambition is to own the space overtime,” Arora added.

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