How Intel strategised with art through technology

Sandeep Aurora, Director Marketing, Intel South Asia showcases how the tech company has gone beyond engineering to create an emotional connect

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Updated: Mar 4, 2013 6:42 PM
How Intel strategised with art through technology

“In the process of brand evolution, marketing plays an important role. The best example is the ‘Intel Bong’, which is among the 10 most addictive sounds in the US, bagging a second position in the list,” points out Sandeep Aurora, Director Marketing, Intel South Asia.

He added, “For a 40-year old company, the first marketing campaign was focused at projecting how things have changed and advanced.” Aurora further said that Intel has evolved in its marketing strategy with the various products that it has launched over time, learning at each step. A few examples that he cited included ‘RedX’, which was its first campaign, then Intel Inside in 1991 and Intel Centrino as well as Intel Core devices that followed later on.

Aurora claimed that the company is among the top 10 brands of the world having a 12 per cent market share and a whopping $ 39,315 million institution. “We have moved on from what Intel is and what it can do to make people realise what they are capable of doing,” he said.

Aurora moved on to connecting the dots of marketing and technology and its connectedness with entertainment. He gave an example of a digital campaign by Intel in 2011 called ‘The museum of me’, where a user could upload pictures and videos creating a memory bank of oneself. According to Aurora, it got 11 million views, two million personal museums were created, it was awarded as the FWA site of 2011 and also won six Cannes Lions. He said that Intel has been involved with art through technology and cited the example of Vivid Sydney, where an entire building had been painted in a manner to look like an Intel chip. Intel was also involved in the ‘Where? House’ campaign, which was developed into a music fest in Australia. He also threw light on the association of the brand with MTV to develop a property called ‘Sound-Trippin’, where an Intel Ultrabook was used to capture sounds and perform sound production.

Thus, Aurora established a connection of the brand with entertainment activities though art and music. He said, “From a sales marketing standpoint we are a B2B brand that caters to engineering based clients, but from a communication and emotional marketing standpoint we are a B2C brand. Our consumers want to know their devices are ‘Intel Inside’.”

In the Q&A session with the Chair and the audience, Aurora was asked about its hold over the mobile industry, to which he replied by affirming “we are late in the mobile space, last year we have launched XOLO in India, we got late because we did not think that there would be so much growth in this sector but we have lined up more mobile products in for the coming future.”

Aurora also talked about the Digital Literacy Mission as a part of its CSR activity that also is a sync between education and entertainment. He gave an example of the ‘My Discoveries’ campaign and the “Go Do Something Wonderful’ campaign which are both pegged at art, music and theatre on the lines of entertainment. 

Sandeep Aurora shared his views on the topic ‘Street Theatre to Multiplex; Opportunity in Getting Segmentation Right’ at the Delhi Pitch CMO Summit presented by Colors Viacom18 in partnership with MEC. The Summit was held on March 1, 2013.

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