Foxy Beauty App launches ad campaign, positioning it as ‘your BFF’

The video campaign is created by Nine Yards Consultancy

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Published: Nov 11, 2021 2:06 PM  | 2 min read

Foxy, a personalised beauty app has launched a video campaign created by Nine Yards Consultancy. Foxy has a unique offering, with its built-in AI, that scans the user’s face and determines skin type, hair type and analyses other related characteristics so it can recommend products one might actually need. 

When Nine Yards Communication Consultancy, an agency that specialises in woman first thinking was approached with the challenge of building communication for Foxy- A beauty App, the challenge was real. As there are already strong established players in this space with an array of products and a huge follower base, what would make Foxy stand apart and resonate with the young woman of today.

Shweta Iyer, Co-Founder of Nine Yards says, “While most beauty shopping Apps give you a wide selection of brands and products, most don’t cater to individual needs. Therefore they randomly throw various products at women, hoping to lure them into a purchase decision. This gave us a chance to hero the personalisation narrative with the brand idea “Foxy knows you”. While other brands “just keep guessing”, Foxy narrows down products according to your specific need and feeds you with what’s right for you. Keeping the primary audience in mind, we used youth lingo in our communication by positioning Foxy as your “BFF”. But in this case the “BFF” is your “Beauty Friend Forever” who knows you best and like any “BFF”, understands your needs best.”

While drumming up the personalisation angle, they moved Foxy from being just another beauty App 2.0, to an app that truly delivers to an individual’s needs. 

Kartik Sheth, Founder of Foxy says, “GenZ women do not relate to the “pinkification” of their beauty. Nine Yards has done a great job in distilling what Foxy is and means to this customer. The resonance is showing with great brand lift in this customer base.”

Nine Yards created a bunch of film assets with a sticky tune and a slick looking music video that hooks the user into “Why Foxy”. They also took a cue from how the audience likes to view content, which is mostly on the phone and therefore created only vertical ads. 

So not only in messaging but also in viewing patterns, they created a journey that understands and speaks the language of the young woman of today.

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