FitToFight 2.0 explores the need for women to become mentally tough: Silvia Tallon, Reebok India

The success of the first edition of FitToFight campaign made Reebok India believe that they could expand and reach out to an even larger consumer base this year

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Published: Nov 15, 2017 9:05 AM  | 4 min read

The Reebok FitToFight campaign was launched last year with a purpose to inspire women to become better versions of themselves, not just physically but also mentally. Recently, Reebok India addressed the issue of ‘Pay Inequality’ as part of FitToFight 2.0. We spoke to Silvia Tallon, Senior Marketing Director, Reebok India, on what’s new in the second phase of the campaign and how they are promoting it. Excerpts:

What is new this year in FitToFight?

Reebok’s global philosophy of ‘Be More Human’ has always aimed to inspire physical, social and mental fitness among consumers. In India, we extended the outreach with the FitToFight campaign, focusing on women and encouraging them to adopt fitness to counter trials and challenges. Reebok India specifically wanted to engage them through a sustained outreach.

After a year of the first phase, the second edition of #FitToFight highlights a compelling narrative with ‘Girls Don’t Fight.’ It explores a deeper cultural context of the need for women to become mentally tough. The campaign acts as an encouragement for all women, asking them to up their game in the face of challenges. The second phase has brand ambassador Kangana Ranaut at the helm, encouraging women to beat the odds and succeed both mentally and physically while addressing two widely prevalent social issues – eve teasing and inequality in pay.

Why did you chose Kangana as a brand ambassador for this?

Kangana has always walked her own path and been fearless in making her choices. She has broken all stereotypes and has never been overwhelmed by the many challenges that have been thrown at her. We salute her spirit and the spirit of all women who have faced obstacles and continue to challenge themselves daily in search of greater rewards. Therefore, her association with the brand was a natural fit. Our campaign encourages our audience to believe that one has the power to transform themselves not only physically but also mentally and socially. Given Kangana’s strong connect with fitness, she perfectly identifies with our brand image and core values: Fun, Fearless and Human.

Reebok has gone through a rough patch. How difficult is it to make the brand stand strong again?

I believe that ups and downs are part of life and it is all about how you handle the downs and set yourself back on the path of growth and positivity. When we speak of Reebok’s brand values, the values of authenticity, passion and honesty are key. We need to be true to those values. Our focus now is on placing strategies for future growth. Moreover, through continuous product innovation, supported by strong marketing campaigns that engage with the customer at every level, the brand is already set for growth.

How different are the reactions for this campaign and what response are you expecting this time?

With the launch of FitToFight last year, we drew a personal connect. We used the bold and vivacious Kangana Ranaut as the face of the campaign and through her story, urged women to come forward and share their journeys too. As a result, we saw over hundreds of women coming out to share their battles and success stories. The second edition of FitToFight has raised the bar of the campaign even further with 16 million views and counting, and thousands of heartfelt viewer comments and shares. We have already received 300+ stories from all over the country. 
The success of the first edition of the campaign made us believe that we could expand and reach out to an even larger consumer base this year. The focus is to encourage hundreds of women, from every strata of society, to come forward and share their inspiring stories.

What are you doing on the marketing front to promote the campaign?

This is one of our biggest campaigns for 2017 and we have adopted a multi-media approach for it, where we aim to engage our consumers through multiple touch points. We will adopt a 360-degree integrated approach for the campaign and Digital & TV are the primary platforms for it. The first TVC on eve teasing has been on air since mid-September followed by the recent one on pay inequality. We have used social media, our retail touchpoints and in-cinema promotions as well. This year we have also started a Youth Outreach Program through some partner NGOs to reach schools and college students as well. The campaign will culminate with the Fit to Fight Awards 2017 in early December.

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