e4m Upfront 2020 shares a dynamic overview of digital strategies with brand marketers

The two-day event for the digital and marketing ecosystem saw compelling discussions around content and influencer marketing

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Updated: Nov 11, 2020 11:02 AM

The latest edition of e4m Upfront 2020 event was conceptualized around content marketing and influencer marketing. It was a two-day closed-door meeting conducted on the 5th and 6th of November, 2020. In this event, marketers were given a chance to meet digital innovators who are providing solutions for marketing strategies.

New content formats, digital innovations, measurement strategies and data-driven insights, helped brand marketers get a dynamic overview and picked up actionable ways to identify and implement result-driven plans for their marketing objectives. Digital marketing experts showcased how to get by in this post-lockdown market environment. The idea of the event was to recognize the marketers’ pain points and provide technological and digital solutions for the same. Digital marketing experts from Talkwalker, Clan Connect, News18 Network and AnyTag were the speakers for respective sessions.

The first session by Talkwalker was on the topic: 'IPL + Brands - A Love Story or an ROI battle?'. The speaker of the session was Sagar Mahagoankar, Sales Director, India, Talwalkar.  Mahagoankar spoke about IPL teams and different brands associated with it. As Talwalkar is a listening and analytics company they empower brands to optimize their digital marketing efforts, communication efforts and overall consumer insight strategies. They use various solutions in AI and ML and have developed partnerships with over 20 social channels. They help brands act on the insights that will help their business grow and scale.

For IPL 2020, Mahagoankar mentioned that they look at the overall mentions of IPL, the level of engagement which is a combination of likes, retweets and more. They also focused on sponsor mentions and understand the sentiments around that. They also look into each IPL teams number of post and engagement per mention.

Mahagoankar shared that brands that were doing well in terms of engagement were looked at closely to understand what they were doing differently in the case of influencer marketing and the approach of their ad campaigns. “Sponsors need to understand what kind of story they are building, the message they want out there and how they will associate it with the brand,” Mahagoankar remarked.

When they looked at team sponsors Mahagoankar shared that there were teams that associated with multiple brands. So for next year, the brand will be able to understand which team helped them gain the maximum brand visibility. Talwalkars also aims to track the visual recognition of the IPL logo across online conversations. Mahagoankar concluded saying, “A brand needs to identify the right partners that will help them garner a higher ROI.”

The conversation in the second session by Clan Connect focused on the topic ‘Unravel the World of Influencer Marketing Using AI and ML’. The speakers for this session were Kunal Kishore, Co-Founder, Clan Connect and Sagar Pushp, Co-Founder, Clan Connect. They saw that brands were spending a lot of their marketing budgets on people who are subject marketing experts or creating content that they were passionate about. Today, they represent a clan of people who are influencing consumer behavior, decision-making and influencing the success or failure of a specific product.

Brands are looking to deviate from the analogue communication strategy, they are looking for a one-on-one approach. Kishore shared, “We have so many influencers and platforms that we need to unravel and that will bring justice to the brand campaign you are putting out. Our platform has brought together the entire influencer marketplace so that brands can easily come in and do their end-to-end influencer marketing work. By discovering the influencer they want to work with and the one suitable for the brand, shortlist influencers discovered, putting forward a brief to them, allowing them to ideate, managing ideas and monitoring how they are fairing once the campaign is live.”

Clan Connect’s intriguing AI-enabled feature allows brands to put in the budget they have, the reach they want to garner and the locations they want to target. The AI engine will come up with solutions by telling them the set of influencers they could work with and the reach they will be able to deliver. Parameters for distinguishing between two influencers that they look into are if the influencer is verified or not, total number of followers, total reach and average likes they generate.

In a month since they have been operational, Clan Connect has been able to tap prominent brands like Cinthol, Toppr and Warner Brothers to name a few. Clan Connect provides these technological solutions to agencies who are managing talent, brands directly and influencers.

The third session was on the topic 'Leveraging the power of news to achieve brand goals' by News18 Network. The speakers for this session was Aditya Tandon, Vice President, Hindi Cluster News18 Network, Suma Nair, Head of Marketing, Business News Cluster, CNBC TV18 & CNN News18 and Saraswathi Anand, Marketing Lead- Language Cluster, News18 Network. They shared how a brand can leverage from Network18 to achieve its brand goals and marketing objectives. Tandon shared, “Given the unprecedented times that we are in interest in news has peeked. Over the past several months there has been tremendous traction towards the news category and this is even applicable to our network as well. We have over 21 channels over multiple categories. We also have a line up of Digital assets in multiple categories and in Print we have Forbes. We have highly diversified assets which are ideal to deliver both impact and tremendous reach.”

In terms of News18 Network’s digital outreach, they garner 27.6 crore, monthly users. Talking about the partnership opportunities that they have, Tandon shared that the first bucket of initiatives and campaigns that we have is the Editorial Outreach. As the name suggests these are editorially run content-rich campaigns that are contextual, relevant and appeal to the viewers at scale. 

Sharing the brand solutions that News18 Network provides, Nair said, “This is a section where agencies and brands approach us and the big challenge for us keeping the viewer at the centre of it yet delivering value to the brand. For Amazon’s Great Indian Festival the anchor at News18 Network mentions about the offerings along with GFX led promotions in news bulletins. For Hyundai’s #BeTheBetterGuy campaign last year on CNN-News 18 which went on for 6 weeks we drove home the message in a contextual manner. What we did was while the anchors were signing off telling the viewers to follow our social media handles the anchor also said we should be also following traffic rules, contribute to society and #BeTheBetterGuy.”

Nair remarked, “The viewer, brands proposition and a beautiful marriage of the two is what we aim to deliver when we do any kind of brand integration.”

The last discussion by AnyTag shed light on the subject ‘Disrupting IM 1.0: Can technology and data be the game changer’. From AnyTag the speaker of the session was Vaibhav Odhekar, Co-Founder, COO, Poktt. The team spoke about how they view Influencer Marketing in the 1.o Avtaar till date and the disruption they anticipate.

AnyTag is an influencer marketing platform and are based in the whole of South East Asia from Taiwan to Hong Kong. The platform does influencer marketing in technology and the data-driven system has been recently launched in India. The team of Pokkt, which is into Mobile Advertising Display, is the same team bringing this product to market.

Globally, influencer marketing is projected to grow at CAGR of 32% in the next 5 years.

Odhekar shared that parameters like followers, effectiveness and a common strategy is what should be looked at while selecting influencers. There should be credibility in the information given by influencers and that is when the word of mouth strategy will come in.

Odhekar remarked that influencer marketing works because it is a person-driven strategy. “The idea is to emphasis that ideology. The stronger the word of mouth of that brand the more readily it will be accepted as a traditional form of advertising. The seamless way to talk to consumers is through influencer marketing,” he commented.

AnyTag also spoke about time efficiency and comprehensive reporting. They also shared the challenges on social media with AnyTag and local experts like data-driven influencer selection, data storage and automation on a platform, to name a few.



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