Don't just sell, build goodwill, advise social progress experts

At the BW BusinessWorld Marketing Whitebook event that took place on July 28, experts came together to discuss the role of communication and movement building in social progress and marketing social firms

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Updated: Aug 2, 2017 12:30 PM

The BW BusinessWorld Marketing Whitebook event that took off on July 28 was attended by the most sought-after media and marketing professionals. At the event, the discourse on marketing for social progress was one of the most thought-provoking ones. The likes of Luis Miranda, Chairman, Centre For Civil Society; Safeena Husain, Founder and Executive Director, Educate Girls; and Lynn de Souza, Founder, Social Access came together to discuss the role of communication and movement building in social progress.;


Generating value through effective communication


“Communication is the bedrock of everything we do,” said Hussain, speaking on raising money for her initiative merely through impactful communication. Similarly, Miranda spoke about how social media has the potential to tug at the most cynical heartstrings and attract people’s attention towards a social cause. “Facebook is a tremendous way to get stories told,” he said.


Beyond figures and facts


Miranda also highlighted the potential of impactful storytelling, which can drive people to take action. “I am fascinated that there are so many people who do such great work but nobody knows what they do due to poor storytelling, which is often packed with facts and data. It is because of this that the essence doesn’t come out,” he said. Miranda also spoke about instances when he could grab people’s attention towards a social issue just by potent communication. “You think that people want to see data but it is something that gets lost.  It’s important to speak beyond it.”


Creating an emotional connect


Lynn de Souza emphasised the importance of brands building an affinity with the consumer by establishing an emotional connect through their content. “For us, the power of communication is intrinsic to what we do and is about taking a brand to the consumer in an intangible and emotional way which is only through communication and storytelling,” she explained. Emphasising the need for brands to unleash their good side, she said, “If you are a tea brand, you don’t just sell a cup of tea but you wake up India and that’s how goodwill prevails.”

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