Digital reach is high, sharp and better than ATL campaigns: Sushil Matey, Livpure

Sushil Matey, Director, Marketing, Livpure spoke about the new campaign #CuttingPaani 2.0 and how it could become the next mass movement

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Updated: Dec 5, 2018 8:26 AM

Livpure, one of the well-known names in the water purifier category, has launched its new campaign around water conservation. Titled #CuttingPaani 2.0, the campaign is a quirky take on Mumbai’s popular concept of cutting chai. In an interview with exchange4media, Sushil Matey, Director, Marketing, Livpure spoke about the new campaign and how it could become the next mass movement.

Edited excerpts:

Tell us about the rationale behind your new campaign #CuttingPaani2.0?

Livpure is in the B2C water business and we were keen to associate with something, which is in the larger interest of society and makes the brand come across as more holistic in nature. In India, a lot of drinking water is wasted since we do not finish our glass of water either in homes, offices, restaurants et al. Thus #CuttingPaani was conceived which is a quirky take on Mumbai’s famous concept of #CuttingChai.

Although there have been very powerful campaigns to spread awareness about water conservation, very few gave practical and doable solutions. #CuttingPaani 1.0 was a huge success in the digital and social media space because it was a doable idea and everybody could follow it. This success of #CuttingPaani 1.0 prompted us to launch the #CuttingPaani 2.0.

What were the consumer insights that Livpure accrued before getting both these campaigns out?

Our dipstick showed that Indians, in general, are very casual about wasting water. And, as we all know, it is a very scarce resource and possibly future wars would be fought for water. We waste water in a lot of ways- whether it is drinking water or water used during bathing or during brushing or shaving. We picked up #CuttingPaani since it was a catchy phrase, with it being a take on #CuttingChai. Knowing fully well that this would strike the necessary chord in making people realise that though the message is about saving drinking water it will sensitise them to the fact that we indeed waste a lot of water in other areas as well.

Why a digital film to tell the story of Shimla’s #AdoptCuttingPaani story?

In today’s time, the digital reach is high, sharp and targeting is better apart from the fact that we have the liberty of time to communicate the story, unlike an ATL medium. We are confident about the virality quotient of the campaign. In fact, a lot of newspapers in India have leveraged on our #CuttingPaani 1.0 campaign by asking readers to consume only as much as you need. Though, in a lighter vein, I must add that none of them have given us credit.

Can this campaign be converted into a mass movement?

We wish to own #CuttingPaani and take this idea further for sure and #CuttingPaani 2.0 is a step in that direction. We wish to take this further through BTL activations; social media campaigns and collaboration with large hotels/restaurants. To maintain awareness and memorability of the above, we have launched #CuttingPaaniTake on our Facebook page, which essentially gives two perspectives on topical situations.

The first example – on changing names of cities: one take is -The names of the cities are changing and the other take is -sadly, that’s the only thing changing about them!

The second example – on Mary Kom winning boxing championship: one take is -some think having children ends a woman’s career and the other take is - well, she just won her 6th boxing championship!

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