Chatbots & voice search are indeed the future in India: Pawan Sarda, Future Group

Sarda, Group Head- Digital, Future Group India and Chandni Shah, Co-founder and COO of Social Kinnect talk about FBB's new innovative online campaign

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Published: Jan 25, 2019 9:24 AM  | 4 min read
FBB campaign

FBB, India’s fashion hub by Future Group is all set to reintroduce fbb online through its ‘Talk to fbbonline’ campaign. The campaign has been launched to boost the engagement with online users to drive its e-commerce sales. With their new initiative, the leading fashion brand is looking to enhance the user experience for customers shopping on their website. The brand will also be offering discounts to customers using this platform. 

exchange4media spoke to Pawan Sarda, Group Head- Digital, Future Group India and Chandni Shah, Co-founder and COO of Social Kinnect about the collaboration, the thought behind this innovative relaunch, brand strategies and other campaigns in the pipeline. 

Edited excerpts: 

Tell us about your new campaign 'Talk to fbbonline' and what was the thought behind this innovative relaunch? 

Pawan Sarda: ‘Talk to fbbonline’ in particular establishes fbbonline as the best option for new-age e-commerce users who want to shop for affordable yet quality clothes online. When it comes to the mechanism, customers can use the personalised fbbonline bot via Google assistant for an immersive journey or alternately, access the website through a Google voice search by pressing the mic icon on Google voice search and saying, ‘Talk to fbbonline’. Simple and user-friendly, this mechanism ensures repeat and rapid communication between the brand and consumers. 

Tell us about your collaboration with FBB for the campaign? 

Chandni Shah: Voice search is going to be a major disruptor in the digital landscape this year, and huge among India’s millennial population. fbb has always been a digitally-savvy brand, at the cutting-edge of new marketing technologies. Since it continuously invests in trending ideas, voice search was perfect for the brand. It enabled an interface that allowed real-time communication between consumers and the brand. 

At a time when every millennial asks himself or herself the question, ‘What do I wear today?’, the campaign was ideal to provide a personalised message to each and every one of fbb’s consumers. 

Who are the target audience for this campaign? How has the response been so far? 

Pawan Sarda: The audience for this campaign is the new-age Indian consumer who prefers to shop online. There has been significant traction for the campaign - the response has been wonderful. There is a great number of interactions that users are having with the fbbonline bot, proving that chatbots and voice search are indeed the future in India. 

What is the marketing strategy for the year 2019? 

Chandani Shah: The strategy for the upcoming year is to maximise conversations with the youth of India through relevant content and cutting-edge marketing touch points. The introduction of the fbbonline chatbot on Google Assistant is one such touch point. We are also looking at interacting with the online shoppers of India by bringing a fresh version of to them. 

AI and chatbots are the new big things. With this new campaign, how do you think consumers will connect to the campaign? 

Chandni Shah: This campaign represented an optimal combination of technology, fashion and personalisation - all with the sole purpose of driving business impact for fbb. Voice search has never been done in the fashion-retail space in India, and the fact that fbb is a pioneer in the AI and chatbot space will create even more impact for the brand. 

The campaign positions the brand at the forefront of digital, and establishes a real-time connection with the consumer that enables him or her to make personalised purchase decisions. 

What other campaigns are in the pipeline?

Pawan Sarda: We are going to launch the fbb summer collection of 2019 soon, and in a big way. Other campaigns in the pipeline also make use of MarTech in interesting ways, and 'Talk to fbbonline' will be an ongoing campaign considering its relevance and resonance with the youth today.

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