Brands ride the 'Dhoom 3' success story

From merchandise & tech products to collector dolls, accessories & new product launches, 'Dhoom 3' has managed to create a huge branding community for itself

e4m by Manasa Mantha
Updated: Jan 8, 2014 8:57 AM
Brands ride the 'Dhoom 3' success story

With ‘Dhoom 3’ hitting gold at the Box Office by making a little over Rs 250 crore in two weeks, what is interesting to note is the amount of branding exercises undertaken for the film.

While BMW Motorrad has emerged the clear winner in this deal, with the sequences that make it look no less than ‘the Batcycle’, other brands, too, have made a clear killing in terms of branding for the film.

Yash Raj Films is leaving no stone unturned to promote ‘Dhoom 3’, especially with its focus on bringing out exclusive merchandise and technology products with the licensing programme supported by Yash Raj Films Licensing (YRFL). Yash Raj Films has inked the deal for exclusive ‘Dhoom 3’ promotions with ICE X Electronics to create a range of electronic gadgets inspired by the film.

Another first for a film is that toy manufacturer Mattel has been roped in to create limited-edition Barbie collector dolls of Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif in their ‘Dhoom 3’ circus avatars. BollyXpress will bring in a special range of greeting cards, gift wrapping papers and calendars featuring the film’s star-cast. Gulf Pride 4T Plus Bike Oils and ‘Dhoom 3’ limited edition Ceat Tyres have been introduced in the market, targeting the biker community and creating a stronger impression on them.

Orosilber, an accessories production company, will be producing a special line of men’s fashion accessories, including pendants, rings, wallets, belts, key chains, and bracelets cufflinks, all inspired by the film.

Meanwhile, cashing in on the biker ‘Dhoom’, Steelbird is making helmets for bikers with special designs inspired by the film. Not to be left behind, 99 Games Co has created a special game inspired by the film for users to download and play on their smartphones, which is available on all platforms.

Film promotion tactics have now taken a new turn with almost every film trying to outdo the other with its marketing campaigns, but what’s heartening to note is the reach and mass appeal such campaigns create with the audience.

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