Benefits of building live-action videos for business

Guest Column: Dharmendra Ahuja, Founder & CEO, PitchWorx, shares that live-action videos are gaining impressive traction in marketing world as it contributes to improving conversion rate for the brand

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Published: Apr 8, 2021 9:07 AM  | 4 min read
Dharmendra Ahuja

The marketing landscape is expanding and competitive brands stay on their toes to stay ahead in the market. With the widespread use of technology and digital media, creative design agencies are coming up with innovative ideas to connect with the target audience. One of the most influential methods is live-action videos that have been gaining impressive traction in the marketing world. Live-action videos provide easy-to-digest information supported by impactful visuals which contribute to improving marketing strategies and conversion rate for the brand. 

Brand videos are an integral part of marketing communication practices. The trend of using different approaches in video making has skyrocketed and one of the most popular trends that are making fertile ground for brands to evoke conversations are Live-action videos. 

Understanding the concept of Live-action videos

Every business seeks to be in limelight to persuade its target customers. Considering the pace at which customer behaviour is evolving, animated explainer video companies are leveraging live-action videos to thoroughly craft and communicate the brand’s message in an influential manner. Be it a corporate video or customer testimonial, live-action videos connect with the target audience at the ground level. 

A live-action video is based on real-life footage – be it people, animals, or any other setting. These can be made to highlight the leadership of a company, its people or a product demonstration. Based on different approaches, live-action videos can be informative, entertaining, or have humour attached to it. The most common instance of live-action videos could be cooking tutorials on YouTube or an inspirational video by a business coach. 

Triggers customers’ interest and engagement

Animated explainer video companies understand the significance of grabbing the attention of the audience. Moreover, people are prone to seeing paid advertising and endorsements, but when they see a real story in a live-action video, they feel relatable. This triggers an emotional connection or attachment to the brand or a company. For instance in corporate shoots, when an employee shows up in a live-action video, it creates even a stronger bond with the viewer by revealing the faces behind the businesses. This builds customer interest and shows the authenticity of the brand. 

Furthermore, adding a real-life story or an action makes the viewers spend more time on the platform be it the company’s website, social media channel or an offline store. When these viewers spend extra minutes on the platform, the chances of influencing them increase. 

Improves conversion rate

The most effective way to compel the customers is to give them a quick understanding of how the business creates an impact on their life. Since people do not like to spend time consuming excessive information, live-action videos are the simplest tools that add a human connection and make an impression on the customers. 

Live-action videos are directly associated with sales. Several studies show that customers glued to the video content for long are likely to make a purchase. Additionally, customers who are active online also look for videos related to a product and service before purchasing. Just like in the case of corporates belong to the consumer electronics and automobile sector that use live-action videos for showcasing and presenting the features of the product. It gives them a fair idea of how that product from a particular brand is going to benefit them which further instils confidence in the buyers. 

Increases return on investment

Live-action videos are directly linked to sales generation that further helps in determining ROI. Since more customers mean a high return on investment, the main goal of using live-action videos is to generate a spike in the number of customers reached and converted. It also helps in determining the success of the marketing and video-making efforts if the number of customers converted and leads are higher. 

To make live-action videos perform better, marketing companies embed them on the landing page of a company’s website, or social media network. It predominantly starts driving traffic that creates brand awareness. Considering the production, the cost of live-action video making is comparatively low and affordable to every brand. Consequently, it helps in growing the reach of the brand without being heavy on their marketing budget. 

Live-action videos are becoming more widespread. Marketers enjoy the flexibility of adding human factor in these videos that conveys a clearer and more genuine message to the customers. These videos are emotionally charged and can be made shareable on social media with ease. Thus, for a shorter attention span, live-action videos can do wonders to the marketing objectives. 

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