Being an agency with just a single form of communication is not enough for brands: Sandeep Sreekumar, MD, Media Moments

Going omnichannel and providing impactful branding solutions is what makes Media Moments stand apart from the clutter

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Updated: Sep 25, 2017 8:17 AM

An agency should provide a one-stop solution for all the needs of a brand and not just follow one form of communication believes Sandeep Sreekumar, Managing Director of Media Moments. This agency provides brands with PR, social media, digital marketing, creative and many other services in the hope of becoming an omnichannel branding platform.Excerpts:

What exactly is happening on the digital marketing front now?

The progress from 2012 to today has been lightning fast. Today nobody is talking about likes. Nobody is talking about the type of content you’re posting. For example, there was a time when we saw brands asking for 14-16 posts a week. The idea was that the more you post, the better it will be. Today people are saying let’s do just three a week. They ask about the kind of engagement they’re going to get and the difference it is going to make for the brand and for the statistics, As a result, we have become a lot more competitive.  So the next step not just for us but all such agencies is heading to the marketing-tech part.

You come from a PR background. How did you get this idea of starting Media Moments, which is a one-stop shop for everything related to social media and even creative?

I think the start essentially came from Poonam (Ganguly, Founder) who entered from a brand perspective. There was a lot of insight into what was missing from an agency perspective which came in from the outside because usually agencies always believe themselves to be correct in everything they do whereas a brand manager is the right person who can judge the work of an agency. From there on the evolution started and the shift towards digital or online activation started.

We realised that if we want to be a brand partner then we should be a lot more molded as to what a brand would require. That cannot be channel oriented communication or channel oriented marketing, it has to be a platform led and a campaign led proposition. That’s how we shifted from being just an agency, which does one form of communication, to being an omnichannel. From an online-offline agency, we have gone to become an integrated one.

 Since you deal with several start-ups, are they going big on their marketing and advertising spends these days?

We have worked with the top 50 biggest start-ups so we are an example of the fact that start-ups are considering marketing and advertising vital these days. I think that is where Media Moments brings a lot of value to these businesses. In fact, if you see the way we were built which was through a Myntra to a Zivame and Housejoy, the most important thing to a business is what you’re selling and to whom. It becomes very important to bring the best communication for the brand if you truly understand the brand value. The disconnect happens when a business on its own can’t stand in a market, the fund isn’t the problem, apart from the competition.

Why did you choose Bengaluru as your base?

 It’s been 2-3 years that we’ve been experiencing a lot with technology and Bengaluru as a base works brilliantly for us. Our beginning was with start-ups particularly from working with a lot of brands in the fashion and lifestyle space. While a lot of these major brands are headquartered elsewhere there chief area of business is actually Bengaluru.

Also, some of the biggest start-ups are all based out Bengaluru. Today, we are on aggressive expansion model into the Delhi and NCR region. Our second region will be Delhi and the third is Mumbai.

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