Relevant, easy and distinctive consumer experiences is key to success: APAC MD, Yum Brands (watch the video)

Vipul Chawla was speaking on the topic ‘Marketing in an era of disruption’ at exchange4media Group’s TechManch, held in Mumbai

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Updated: Jun 28, 2018 8:53 AM

For Vipul Chawla, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, (Pizza Hut), Yum Brands, going forward, the key to success for any brand would be to create consumer experiences that are R-E-D- Relevant, Easy and Distinctive. Chawla was speaking on the topic ‘Marketing in an era of disruption’ at exchange4media Group’s TechManch, held in Mumbai.

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In an ever-evolving digital ecosystem, Chawla feels that the need of the hour is to build growth mindsets, a concept that has been spoken about by Carol Dweck in her book ‘Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Elaborating on the concept, Chawla said, “There are two kinds of mindsets, the fixed mindset which tells us we are born with a set of skills and abilities that are fixed and cannot be changed and the growth mindset, where people are avid learners, they experiment, fail and learn from their mistakes. Being successful in the future would require us to build our mindsets before building on our skillsets.”

Pizza Hut is also working on trying to integrate technology, data and creativity to deliver personalisation at scale. Citing an example of how they are trying to do this, Chawla said that the brand is working on arrival detection technology. The use of the technology will ensure that the restaurant comes to know in advance that a consumer is approaching so that by the time he reaches, his order is packed and ready.

Chawla divides the transformation of business into three parts - marketing, organizational and technological and he believes that all of it is happening at the same time. “The marketing transformation that we are talking about is about personalisation at scale using data, tech and creativity. Historically, marketing was largely about creativity and experiences. That has to now interact with organizational transformation where we are trying to build skillsets by building on the growth mindset. And that will eventually lead to the technological transformations,” said Chawla.

Throwing light on the primary philosophy on which Yum Brands works on, Chawla said, “We believe in taking care of our employees because we believe that when our people are happy, they take care of consumers and when that happens, profit takes care of itself. We also believe that our customer experience will never exceed that of the team. When the team has a great experience with the brand and the organisation, he will be happy, and a happy team member is capable of delivering amazing experiences.”

The brand is also making use of a lot of technology like robotics to simplify the process of ordering or payment. The brand has been using robots in markets like China, Indonesia and Japan where the machine ushers customers in, takes their orders, processes the payment and asks for customer feedback. “We are working with machines that respond to human emotions. The point is to make it increasingly easy for consumers. We are trying to simplify the payment procedure and working on making it a single or double click payment.”

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