Snapdeal showcases 'saving' proposition in thought-provoking video

In an animated film launched on YouTube, titled 'Helping India Save', the brand highlights the importance of savings and its vital role in the growth of the economy

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Updated: Oct 4, 2013 8:06 AM
Snapdeal showcases 'saving' proposition in thought-provoking video

Matthew Arnold once said, “For the world, which seems to lie before us like a land of dreams…So various, so beautiful, so new…Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light, nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain…” That’s where our country is standing today, paralysed with anarchy, corruption and hunger for power. The vision of Tagore and Gandhi’s free India is fading away. But have we ever thought of saving the hard-earned freedom and democracy?

What are we doing to save our rich heritage? Thousands of farmers commit suicide every year and many die of hunger and malnutrition, but have we ever tried to save our farmers and avoid wastage of food? Dozens of tigers are hunted every year and thousands of trees are chopped down. Can we rise up to save our tiger and the nature?

Evoking emotions in a billion hearts, Snapdeal, the e-commerce company, launched an animated film on YouTube, titled ‘Helping India Save’ on September 30, 2013 for Gandhi Jayanti. The objective behind the video is to highlight the importance of savings and its vital role in the growth of the economy and linking it back to the brand that offers maximum savings on every purchase.

The video opens with a voiceover that talks about about saving India’s rich heritage, a great idea, freedom and democracy or at least its symbol. It further throws light on saving food and farmers, depleting resources, tigers, the environment and future. It ends with ‘Save all that’s worth saving. Save Money’. The message reads, ‘Helping India Save Money. Snapdeal’.

Sandeep Komaravelly, VP – Marketing at Snapdeal said, “Snapdeal as a brand stands for savings and we wanted to communicate that in an innovative way. As Gandhi Jayanti was around the corner, we thought of utilising the occasion by creating an engaging film that uses both, Gandhi’s image and the currency note, which has a lot of relevance to our economy.”

The video had more than 60,000 hits on YouTube in three days. The video is liked by more than 10,000 people on Facebook, along with 250 people talking about it. Furthermore, the video has been shared on Twitter as well. According to Komaravelly, the video has been appreciated and widely accepted by the consumers and has been a great hit across all platforms. This piece of creative has been thought and executed by DraftfFCB Ulka, who has just won the creative duties for the brand.
The animation of the film is quite neat and it brings out the message clearly. It is based on simple yet powerful insight of saving for a better future through Snapdeal. The idea of showing the importance of saving the nature, resources, heritage, freedom and finally money will be widely accepted. Weaving the tune of Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram along with Gandhi’s image is quite topical and relatable.

The video doesn’t highlight the product window unlike other e-commerce portals ads that showcase every benefit but very intelligently shows how Snapdeal helps in savings. The currency has been used as a metaphor to show how savings can help in growth. They have utilised the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti by reiterating the positioning that India saves on Snapdeal in an engaging and entertaining manner. It’s time brands act responsibly and create thought-provoking films like this to help save all that is worth saving and build a shining India.

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