Microsoft launches Windows 7 campaign on Facebook

Microsoft launches ‘7 stars challenge’, a social media campaign on Facebook to help promote Windows 7 using a game mechanic, with high scores friends can challenge and hopes to promote awareness of new features of the operating system.

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Updated: Apr 21, 2011 6:11 PM
Microsoft launches Windows 7 campaign on Facebook

In a bid to promote lesser known features of Windows 7, Microsoft has launched an engagement campaign on Facebook, which employs game mechanics like high scores and player challenges around a quiz based on the features of the company’s operating system.

The ‘7 star challenge’ on Microsoft India’s Facebook community page asks the 2 lakh fans the company has to answer seven questions based on Windows 7 features within a time limit. Each correct answer is worth a star and people who get all seven stars are not given any physical prize, but rather access to an invitation only Windows 7 Premier community on Facebook.

People can even choose to “practice” for the quiz before entering the official quiz, which will enter their scores, and can challenge friends to beat their scores, which Microsoft is hoping will be an engaging way for users to learn about features of Windows 7, which they might otherwise not get to know about.

The adding of scores incentivises people to share their results aside from the special premier club, which the company is hoping will drive the adoption of their game, and through it, Windows 7.

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