Maggi shows love to fans on social media; aggressively promotes #WeMissYouToo videos

After a span of almost two months, the brand mired in controversies has resumed regular updates on its social media pages. It has launched five videos as part of the new digital campaign

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Updated: Sep 3, 2015 10:19 AM
Maggi shows love to fans on social media; aggressively promotes #WeMissYouToo videos

Following the Bombay High Court lifting the ban on Maggi and with reports of newly appointed Nestle India Managing Director, Suresh Narayanan saying Maggi noodles could hit the market by the end of this year; brand loyalists are awaiting Maggi’s return. Hinting at the re-emergence of the instant noodles, Maggi has recently launched its new digital campaign titled ‘WeMissYouToo’ and they have been promoting them aggressively on all the brand’s social media channels.

After a gap of almost two months, the brand has started actively pushing content on Facebook and Twitter. Till now five videos have been released as part of the new digital campaign, which shows the plight of young people without their favourite snack who are asking Maggi ‘When will you be back?’ The hashtag has also found good response on social media platforms as a result of which the videos have gone viral. The company is also using a lot of paid promotions to push the new content and make it viral. According to a source, the campaign will only be on the digital platform and it will be “more aggressive” than any campaign done by the company earlier.

Click here to view the videos:

Not only this, but the brand has turned extremely prompt in replying to their fan’s post. Be it liking their posts or replying to them, Maggi is making an effort to add a personal touch in their communication.

Here is an excerpt of few of the conversations on social media:

Commenting on the recent digital campaign, Anshul Sushil, co-founder, Boring Brands said, “Maggi has actually done an amazing job. The best thing which the brand has done is by not going to any celebrity; instead they are taking the criticism head on. Also instead of starting the video with WeMissYouToo, it tries to build an emotional connect with the audience first, by showing stories of how fans are missing their product badly. Had they used a celebrity for this video, they would have received a lot of bashing. The common reaction from people would have been-the brand has the money to spend on celebrities, but look at what they are feeding us! While these videos on the other hand are simple and kind of connect with the audience instantly.”

He further added, “The activity of the brand was low during the ban phase because consumers were hitting at anything the brand was posting. So it was a prudent step to stay away from social media. The audience is not stupid and they exactly know what is happening in a company. Social media is a tool used for engaging with the audience, with matters relevant to the company as well as the people. They were waiting for the news to turn pro them and when it did, they have resumed their engagement.”

The brand is back in action on social media, after a gap of almost 2 months, with their last post on June 30th that Bombay High Court allows Maggi noodles to be exported. The brand during its ban period, preferred to keep its communication to the lowest. Even though the brand was not posting, it was responding to people’s queries who were sharing on the company’s social media pages.

According to other social media experts, Maggi was approaching their ban period on social media extremely well. The earlier accusation against the brand that it was being dismissive was taken care of. The experts even pointed out that the reason, why the brand remained low on their social media activity then was because until and unless, there is something substantial to share, they won’t be able to post anything. With the recent round of developments, the brand has things to announce; therefore it is back to posting things on their pages.

Nestle India will have to get 5 Maggi samples tested by three accredited labs to prove the amount of lead is within permissible limits. If the tests are in Nestle's favour, they can start selling the noodles again.

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