It is important to pre-empt the needs of customers: Ambarish Gupta, Knowlarity

In an interview with e4m, Ambarish Gupta, CEO, and Founder - Knowlarity Communications spoke about how cloud technology has revolutionised customer engagement

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Updated: Sep 11, 2017 7:42 AM

The use of cloud technology is giving a new definition to customer experience. Enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data, brand custodians and marketers are getting more value for their spends. Even customers are benefitting from this interplay of cloud technology, big data, and AI.


In an interview with e4m, Ambarish Gupta, CEO, and Founder - Knowlarity Communications spoke about how cloud technology has revolutionised customer engagement. Excerpts:


How is the use of cloud technology redefining customer engagement?


Cloud technology, by its very nature, has assured the customers of a timely response and easy access to the most relevant information expressed in a concise manner. Many queries which earlier remained unanswered due to a higher volume of calls are now provided an effective response. AI also helps in storing, sorting and analysing the data received from calls to provide entrepreneurs with statistics that help create optimum customer engagement strategies. It has also provided startups with a more professional and logical way of engaging with customers which puts them on par with the established players in the competition at much lesser costs.


Can you share how brands are leveraging cloud technology for effective customer targeting?


It has been generally noticed that consumers focus more on the service aspect rather than the technological features. However, in order to provide impeccable services, it is important to pre-empt the needs of a customer. This is where AI comes in. It stores the entire data pertaining to a particular individual and then analyzes it to generate results that are relevant to the needs and purchase parameters of the customer.


How is big data helping marketers and brands in brand building?


With the help of big data, businesses have stopped adopting no-holds barred marketing approach that waited for the consumers to react to the plethora of marketing activity. Instead, businesses now focus on creating a surgical, tailor-made approach that reduces costs while promoting a more research-based, need-oriented form of marketing that generates better results. This further helps in brand recollection and connectivity which builds presence and increases market share.


What is the future of cloud telephony in India?


Cloud telephony has a great future in India, specifically due to the rising number of startups coupled with a thriving foreign investment ecosphere. Emerging businesses, in a bid to provide a professional customer engagement experience while operating on lower costs, are adopting cloud telephony rapidly. Far more flexible, cost effective and efficient than conventional PBX systems, cloud telephony further provides businesses a chance to store massive amounts of data without creating spaces and infrastructure for dedicated storage software. It also allows analysis and interpretation, providing businesses with 360-degree operational benefits.


Could you share some success stories of cloud telephony?


Cloud telephony has undoubtedly achieved tremendous success in India over a short period of time. Thanks to the rising number of emerging businesses coupled with thriving foreign investment, communication-based industries have spread rapidly throughout the country. These independent businesses and entrepreneurs make use of the AI communication systems to answer each and every call, record their queries and identify the pattern for optimum marketing efforts.

With the involvement of Google in cloud telephony in 2008, start-ups in India readily adopted cloud based services. They require lesser infrastructure, and the hassles of employees manually handling calls can be easily dealt with. Some start-ups have managed to connect over three million callers with the respective resources. By creating a dynamic e-commerce atmosphere, cloud telephony has bolstered India’s business ecosystem and made it far more streamlined.    


Various government initiatives such as EduDisha run toll-free 24*7 counseling and assistance numbers operated via Knowlarity to help students from higher classes talk about their psychological and emotional being. The National Health Portal has also created a Voice Portal for providing complete health-related assistance. From education to health, retail and other segments, cloud telephony has been adopted in India with great gusto, hopefully many more will do the same. a

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