Guest Column: Market-makers will help navigate the fragmented digital advertising market: Vikas Katoch, Adomantra

A market-maker will assist brands with data mining, analytics, programmatic and traditional digital advertising in maximising their impact by personalised advertising.

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Updated: Sep 13, 2017 7:58 AM

The traditional advertising agency, media buyer are fast losing relevance in the evolving world of digital advertising. Today’s digital citizens are consuming news and entertainment content from multiple platforms and are not limited to the traditional media and social media behemoths. Digital advertising is thus having to look beyond partnering the mainstream publishers, the customer is better accessible on multiple other access channels / platforms - a mobile app, in a cab network or the movie hall.

Brands too have much more complex needs due evolving consumer and the growing competition for the share of mind and wallet. The use of newer technology, data sources and analytics can open up the opportunity of targeting very precise customer and at the contextual point where the product / service is most relevant. There is thus a critical requirement for “market-makers” to navigate this fragmented digital advertising market and create the right partnerships for the best personalisation and contextualisation.

Market-makers offer continuous and un-interrupted demand and supply of digital advertising opportunity to brands and platforms. They ensure there is a buyer for every ad spot and a seller for every ad demand at any time, hence offering numerous opportunities to brands for maximising their visibility by reaching out to the right audience and a steady revenue stream for platforms and networks by attracting the most suitable brands and brand content.

Market-makers also forecast forthcoming trends and events in the digital advertising industry. They take the lead and set new agenda for the industry peers to follow. They are the trendsetters in the industry and guide the whole ecosystem of digital advertising.

Market-makers go beyond the basics of introducing buyer and seller by creating a conversation and flexibility that enables order flows and buy and sell opportunity for every advertising opportunity. The difference between the price at which an advertiser is willing to buy advertising and the price at which the publisher/network is willing to sell is the gap market maker bridges with the market making skills. This is essential in the case of fragmented advertising market of digital advertising. The market maker holds the inventory to meet immediate needs of market/brands and is thus key for the growth of the whole ecosystem of digital advertising.

Therefore, making money from the opportunity is not the primary objective of market makers. Their first priority is to provide liquidity for their clients and create increasing traction in the market from all the players in the ecosystem. Market-maker assists everyone in the digital advertising ecosystem. They ensure fair and reasonable advertising rates for brands, platforms and advertisers with the aim to exponentially grow the market and the opportunity for all participants including the consumer of ads-the individual. 

In a nutshell, a market-maker will assist brands through a combination of data mining, analytics, programmatic and traditional digital advertising in maximising their impact by personalised advertising. They will also help platforms and publishers in maximising the value of their space and content by leveraging the most appropriate brand.

(The author is the founder and CEO at Adomantra)

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of

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