Guest Article: The era of personalised people search

Internet is shifting towards a platform controlled by users as netizens decide what’s hot & what’s not, says Avijit Arya, Founder & CEO, Internet Moguls

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Updated: Mar 2, 2012 7:51 AM
Guest Article: The era of personalised people search

Every so often we find ourselves searching for people on the Internet and find it difficult to distinguish between the person you are looking for from the scores of results thrown up by the search engine. This is all set to change with ‘Linked Pages’ search, which facilitates users to ‘Link’ or ‘unlink’ themselves or their friends to search results and thus, building certified search results for an individual.

Bing, the search engine of Microsoft, has launched the beta version of ‘Linked Pages’ search, which is surely an interesting feature and may just help Bing capture a little more share of the search volume. The concept is simple and that’s probably the USP of this new feature. ‘Linked Pages’ lets you search for people who are friends with you once you have logged in using your Facebook account. On searching for a name, say Steve jobs, Bing will look for that person in your Facebook friends list and if located, it will show results for that person from the web. In case the person is not in your friends list, Bing will return regular search results. The search results, which you think are accurate, can then be ‘Linked’ to that person by a mere click of the mouse and Bing will register this information. The next time someone looks for the same ‘Steve Jobs’ in ‘Linked Pages’ and is friends with him on Facebook, the results will show on top of the links which you had linked to him.

This way, users can avoid being bombarded with search results related to the more famous Steve Jobs of Apple and locate information about their friends with ease and sans confusion. Not just this, if you find a link that is wrongly associated or ‘Linked’ to you, you can unlink yourself from that search result and your friends will not see that link if they were, well, ‘Binging’ you.

The fact that the Internet is shifting towards a platform controlled by users is undisputed. Google already lets users to ‘+1’ results if they find information relevant, which has opened the entire Internet to the scrutiny of the users. With social networking showing no signs of vacating its numero uno status in the virtual world, we are sure to see more social initiatives in the future with enhanced participation of netizens in deciding what’s hot and what’s not. Google+ and Bing have taken the first steps, let’s see just how we choose to react.

(Avijit Arya is the Founder and CEO of Internet Moguls, a leading Internet marketing company that offers winning online strategies for multiple industries.)

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