Arnab and Modi : Was it a battle of equals??blur=25

Avijit Arya, Founder & CEO, Internet Moguls, asks if Arnab's restrained demeanour in the face of Modi's air of calmness gave Frankly Speaking a different spin

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Guest Column: Social is changing travel dynamics?blur=25

The hospitality industry can ignore social media only at its own peril, says Avijit Arya, CEO, Internet Moguls

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Guest Article: The era of personalised people search?blur=25

Internet is shifting towards a platform controlled by users as netizens decide what’s hot & what’s not, says Avijit Arya, Founder & CEO, Internet Moguls

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Chief Mogul Avijit Arya talks about the power and influence social media wields and blazes a trail for advertisers to leverage from this new media.

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