Fastrack’s online activity creates buzz for new watches

While creativity and technology will continue to be the focus areas for Brand Fastrack, 2012 will also see more emphasis on the mobile space

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Updated: Jan 6, 2012 7:32 AM
Fastrack’s online activity creates buzz for new watches

Fastrack, Titan’s brand targeted at the youth, has initiated an online activity titled ‘Don’t Stare at my T_ _ S’ as a launch pad for its new range of watches. The campaign reiterates Fastrack’s bold lines of communication. Simeran Bhasin, Marketing Head, Fastrack, revealed the intent to come out with this kind of activity.

“The T--S campaign was created as a launch pad for our new range of unique watches, priced affordably at Rs 650, that take inspiration from T-shirts and the graphic/ text messages that are typically seen on them. The obvious reason to go online was to hang out where our audience does. In addition, it is also important for us to communicate with our audience in a manner that does not dilute the message and instead enhances it by involving them in everything we do. Digital is the perfect medium for all of this.”

The campaign, executed by Fastrack’s digital agency 22feet, uses a unique way to measure engagement called ‘seconds stared’. It is the duration for which the site has stayed open on a browser. Vineet Gupta, Managing Partner, 22feet, elaborated, “We needed a unit for measurement and seconds stared lends itself beautifully to the overall campaign idea. The campaign is just entering its 3rd week and the response is massive with almost 30 million seconds stared already. The paid campaign will be peaking sometime now and we expect the number to go up significantly.”

The brief given to 22feet was to create the most impactful online campaign the brand had ever seen, that would, once and for all, dispel all myths about the non-viability of sustaining a campaign for a consumer product completely without the support of any traditional media at all and thereby, also consolidate an effective media option for the brand, to combat the restrictions of today's world of censorship. On taking only the digital route, Simeran explained, “We were confident of the viability of this route, having, in the past, taken the digital route for previous campaigns, albeit on a smaller scale, mostly when traditional media channels refused to air us. Our annual sale happened in August 2011, which used a play on the lines ‘20% Off can mean a LOT’ When almost all major music and GE channels pulled out of the campaign at the last minute, we took a bold decision of putting up the banned ad on our official YouTube channel, so as to reach our fans and consumers.”

Fastrack launched the campaign with a masthead on Youtube and received more traffic on their website than they had in the previous six years. “Needless to say, we broke several records with the campaign, and our traffic numbers on YouTube’s wap site still holds the highest record till date for any YouTube campaign aired,” Simeran added.

Differentiated communication
Fastrack has always come out with communication that is loud, rebellious, and grabs eyeballs such as ‘How many you have’, ‘Move On’, and ‘Sweet No More’. From offline campaigns came online offshoots such as ‘Why the World Moved On’. Talking about when they started to base your communication on this tangent and how the response has been, Simeran shared, “Since inception, Fastrack as a brand has always believed in speaking where others did not dare. We have raised many eyebrows across the years, with controversial campaigns. Memorable among those from the early years would be the ‘Yes Sir’ campaign and the ‘Ex-Box’ campaign which confronted the so-called taboo topic of girl-boy attraction at a time when all others were skirting such topics completely and, by dealing with it in a fun yet disruptive manner, we managed to send out the message that attraction is not just natural, but also essential and a lot of fun.”

The ‘Yes Sir’ campaign was one of the brand’s first campaigns where girls were teasing a boy in the classroom, for the first time putting girls in charge and the guy blushing. It broke many moulds in advertising and consumer mindsets and paved the way for many more such innovative initiatives. They also launched ‘Ex-Box’ - an online Youtube channel, where you could upload videos of one's break-ups with an ‘Ex’. The results of the campaign were very encouraging and the kind of openness that the youth displayed amazed us. In summary, all our campaigns spoke up for the youth that we represent. ‘Don’t Stare at my T - - S’ is an extension of this irreverence. The attitude that this campaign depicts is in sync with the youth of today and is easily relatable in a manner that speaks the brand’s language.”

Creating a buzz online
The content created around this campaign is also being well-received across Facebook and Twitter. In addition, there is a dedicated mobile site that makes the experience seamless across devices. The site can be accessed through a mobile browser on According to Simeran, “Digital media has traditionally been regarded as a support function, and as such, spends on the medium, with respect to the marketing budget of the brand, was extremely limited. However, we have managed to create great impact around the brand this year, which gives us greater confidence to develop the medium and we hope to see a significant investment into the same in the next financial year.”

The brand’s digital activities have been consistently recognized across various events and forums including the Effies, India Social Forum, IAMAI, Campaign India Digital Awards, and the Ad Club awards, to name a few. 22feet has executed all online initiatives for Fastrack starting from the launch of the Denim collection. Elaborating on the different measurement tools for each activity, Vineet said, “All our campaigns have ‘engagement’ as the key unit. How we measure engagement for each campaign differs. So, while TEES has the seconds stared, Colour Me Bad had friends tagged. As for our focus areas this year, it always has been and will continue to be Creativity + Technology. However, in 2012 we would be laying a lot more emphasis on the mobile space.”


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