Companies have to build their own tech capability: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speaks about tech capability, sustainability, AI, cybersecurity, data and much more at the Future Decoded event in Mumbai

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Updated: Feb 25, 2020 8:56 AM
Satya Nadella Microsoft

As the Indian government laid out the red carpet for US President Donald Trump in Agra, meanwhile in Mumbai, India Inc turned out in impressive numbers at Microsoft’s Future Decoded CEO Summit for Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO. Nadella is on a three-day visit to India.

Addressing the audience, Nadella said, “There is no question that the last ten years were tremendous in terms of impact, of the mobile revolution, consumer internet changed lives. But there is one criticism, that it was pretty narrow. The consumer economy is important but it isn’t the only economy."

Nadella added, “The profit that was derived from all that progress was even more limited. The business models that were most successful was the aggregator business model or the marketplaces. Is that enough? Clearly not. When you look at the next 10 years, we need broader productivity, broader cross-sectoral impact of digital technology.”

He explained, “For sure the next ten years are going to be defined by digital technology, but the real question is, how can we make it much broader, how can we make it cut across sectors, across small businesses, across big businesses?”

Nadella stressed upon the fact that everything that we do, in every aspect of our lives whether at work, home, etc. are all getting embedded in computing and that was the real change that was going to be in full force. Talking about the world we live in, he defined it as the era of intelligent cloud and intelligent edge.

Nadella believes that every organisation in India can ride this wave by building their own tech intensity. He stressed the importance of adopting the latest technology and making it part of the organisation. “Most important consideration is, you have to build your own tech capability.” According to him that would be the most defining thing in the next decade. He also stressed that in a country like India it was also important to ensure inclusive economic growth.

Raising important points like core trust in technology, ethics around Artificial Intelligence, Cyber, he said, these were also going to be a huge consideration in adopting technology. Interestingly the Microsoft CEO also spoke about sustainability as an important aspect for businesses to consider, Nadella said that “Everybody in the world has a role to play, in ensuring that we build a more sustainable world”

Sharing Microsoft’s mission, Nadella said the company wanted to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.; that Microsoft’s aim was to make companies more independent, with their own tech capabilities. Outlining how by 2030 there would be 50 billion connected devices and a 175 zeta bytes of data by 2025, he stressed, therefore, on the need for adequate infrastructure to navigate the future. Nadella also shared Microsoft’s own readiness for the future at the event.

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