Are you ready for a game with chess Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand?

Crocin Cold & Flu Max's Facebook Chess Challenge allows consumers to win 5 daily prizes; 10 lucky winners will get to meet Anand & one of them will get to play a game of chess with him

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Updated: Nov 20, 2013 8:26 AM
Are you ready for a game with chess Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand?

Can you challenge the chess wizard? Crocin Cold & Flu Max, a variant from the healthcare brand Crocin, provides chess players across the country with an opportunity to meet their idol, the five times world champion and Padma Vibhushan Viswanathan Anand. Consumers can participate in the Chess Challenge on Crocin’s Facebook page and stand a chance to win five daily prizes. In addition, 10 lucky winners will get a chance to meet Anand and one winner amongst them gets the opportunity to play a game of chess with him.

The contest is on from November 7, 2013 to November 28, 2013. Players can register on the Crocin Chess Challenge Facebook app and begin to earn points by playing against the computer. All games against the computer are timed; hence it would be a real test of skill and technique. Registering on the app awards the player with a personalised digital certificate for accepting the challenge. Players can also earn points by taking the quiz which has chess-based questions or inviting friends to the Chess Challenge.

The pecking order of the players on the game’s leader board is also interestingly constructed classifying players as Brilliant Bishops, Relentless Rooks, Knowledgeable Knights and the Chess Champion, based on increasing order of their performance and points. While five Relentless Rooks stand to win Viswanathan Anand merchandise every day, top 10 Knowledgeable Knights will get a chance to meet the legend himself. One Chess Champion will be crowned from amongst the top 10 performers who will get to play a game of chess with Anand.

Speaking about the contest, Jayant Singh, EVP – Marketing, GlaxoSmithKline India said, “Over the years, Crocin has been trusted by millions of consumers in India to get effective relief from pain. Backed by the strong heritage of Crocin, New Crocin Cold & Flu Max not only provides effective relief from five signs of Cold and Flu but also helps bring back your focus. Chess is one such game that epitomises focus and concentration. We are glad to host the ‘Chess Challenge’ with the brand ambassador for Crocin Cold & Flu Max, Vishwanathan Anand. We wish him a great championship ahead!”

Sudhir Nair, Senior VP and Head of Grey Digital said, “Chess as a game demands high degree of focus and mental agility and a chess player just cannot afford to lose focus due to cold and flu. Crocin Cold & Flu Max relieves five symptoms of cold and flu to help clear your mind and restore focus. Hence, chess as game lends itself as an ideal platform for the brand to communicate the brand benefit to the consumers.”

On the execution, he added, “When the campaign was planned, the brand had little or no digital presence. Hence, the brand had to start with launching its Facebook page first, an interesting opportunity for the brand to interact with its consumers online. The entire ‘Crocin Cold & Flu Max Chess Challenge’ was then built on this base culminating into on-ground event where consumers get a chance to meet Anand. For the first time, the brand has launched a predominantly digital campaign, which in turn will be amplified by other media vehicles and not vice versa. The campaign itself has been launched in parallel to the World Chess Championship from November 7 to November 28, 2013 and hence, the content has to be fresh and up to date.”

The Chess Challenge is supported by an extensive campaign consisting of display banners, YouTube video pre-rolls and stamp ads. Anand and Crocin have a long-standing association and the Chess Challenge takes this association forward. The timing of the challenge and the association with the chess champion has definitely worked for the brand with an overwhelming response on Facebook.

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