AndBeyond.Media launches revolutionary Header Bidding S2S

By allowing multiple buyers to bid on ad spaces at once through a unified auction, S2S will increase the value of a publisher’s programmatic ad yield, says Dharika Merchant, President, AndBeyond.Media

by exchange4media Staff
Published - Mar 9, 2017 8:00 AM Updated: Mar 9, 2017 8:00 AM
AndBeyond.Media launches revolutionary Header Bidding S2S

AndBeyond.Media, a leading on-demand native marketplace serving over 1 billion MM ad experiences, today announced the launch of its revolutionary header bidding solution, Header Bidding S2S. This is the next step in the evolution of auction dynamics that evolves the way in which Header Bidding is currently being looked at by publishers and their partners.

Talking about the newest innovation, Dharika Merchant, President, AndBeyond.Media, mentions, “Header Bidding S2S will provide publishers with a solution that is technically superior and much faster. The solution offers clear advantages – publishers can run a pre-auction before the ad server to create an equal opportunity for demand where S2S header bidding is much faster because all the heavy lifting happens on a remote server, not on a user’s browser. By allowing multiple buyers to bid on ad spaces at once through a unified auction, S2S will increase the value of a publisher’s programmatic ad yield, thereby increasing the competition in the auction and driving higher bid density, which subsequently translates into higher yield and increased revenue for publishers.”  

“Browser or client-side bidding allows publishers to offer ad inventory to multiple exchanges before making calls to their ad servers. However, in this process, the bid occurs on the user’s browser – auctions are run and ads are invited directly to the webpage via multiple JavaScript operations. This not only increases the page-load time, but heightens the risk of page-load latencies,” says Merchant, “In a time when mobile-first strategies are making page speeds more important than ever, and marketers are dealing with issues such as ad blocking, impediments like slow page loads and latencies are the stuff of nightmares that publishers have to deal with.”

To speed up load times, publishers are now slowly but surely seeing the advantage in moving to server-to-server connections, allowing for unified auctions to take place on servers instead of browsers.

“Publishers in the Indian subcontinent will be the first to experience the capabilities of Header Bidding S2S and we’re really excited to witness its adoption within the advertising ecosystem here,” says Karan Gupta, CEO, AndBeyond.Media, “S2S intends to break the notion that server-to-server bidding is still very much uncharted territory. With a solution this powerful, we look forward to driving scale and sustainable growth for our partners, and challenge the limits of innovation.”

“We at AndBeyond.Media are offering the bandwidth required for server-to-server auctions and can support businesses with the necessary infrastructure. Our solution will do the heavy lifting required, so that publishers do not have to suffer at the hands of page-load latencies and abysmal yield,” adds Merchant, impressing upon the superior technological capabilities that Header Bidding S2S brings to the table. “Publishers will no longer feel restricted as to how many demand sources they can plug in. S2S will also ensure that publishers will have fewer, performance-driven partners to work with, as everything will be integrated directly via the server.”

Header bidding is revolutionising digital advertising and header bidding containers are an essential element in managing this new technique. By moving the container off the user’s browser and onto the provider’s server, publishers can make use of tried-and-tested technologies to minimize complexity, improve ad quality, and optimise user experience.

AndBeyond.Media is a firm believer in the power of technology and scale via programmatic channels. Adding yet another feather to its suite of bespoke technology and solutions, the company is focused on driving quality engagement, delivering high performance, 100 per cent transparency, and viewability in its offerings.

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