Johnson & Johnson Baby Ads To Have Dads Join The Mom And Baby World

Alison Lewis, Global CMO, Johnson & Johnson in a candid chat with e4m, talks about their new global campaign for baby products, brand safety and their win at Cannes Lions 2018

e4m by Naziya Alvi Rahman
Updated: Jun 21, 2018 8:58 AM

She is a veteran who knows all the tricks of the trade. Alison Lewis, Global  Chief Marketing Officer at Johnson & Johnson, who is at Cannes Lions International  Festival of Creativity 2018 as a speaker and marketer, spoke to exchange4media about their new global campaign for baby products, how technology has changed  marketing, brand safety and their win at Cannes Lions 2018. 

Watch the video or read the edited excerpts below:

How has technology influenced marketing over the years?

The way technology has changed marketing is that we’re in a world which is digitised  now. There are four things we must be aware of: Firstly, we are in an “always  on” or always present world. So that means you must think of all the points where your brand could be accessed and ensure that you’re bringing that brand to life every day.

The second thing is we’re in a world of more brand experiences and what that means is, we must think, not only about our product, but about the services and information that surround those products.

The third point is that we’ve moved from a world of not only bricks and mortar or offline commerce, but also connected commerce or e-commerce. What that means is, marketers today need a whole new skill set in terms of SEO, the right e-commerce content, thinking about the assortment of products they have available in the world of e-commerce, positive ratings and reviews of their brand, and if not, what are they doing to fix that.

Finally, technology has created much more access to data and analytics, so, we must learn how to leverage data to build data inspired creativity and innovation.  All of these things didn’t exist even five years ago.

With all the new technology and stuff like influencer marketing, how do you ensure brand safety?

The way we ensure brand safety with technology today is first by working only with reputable media partners. We make sure that we’re not buying from small players who may promise cheap digital prices. Generally, what you may find in that situation is that those impressions are full of “bot” impressions.

The second thing that we do is work very closely with our media partners like Google, and we work through what they are doing in terms of the algorithms they are building and the people they are adding to make sure we don’t appear in the places we don’t want to from a brand safety stand point. Thirdly, we have a very robust tech stack which we’ve built, and which accompanies our media buying. This allows us to audit, control and understand what the viewership is on our ads every day. 

What are your plans for India?

I’ll talk about one great initiative which has just been launched and has just won a Cannes Lion last night, called ‘Project Free Period.’ Project Free Period is brought to you by Stayfree and the idea that surrounds it is that for women in the sex trade, the only break they get is the five days they have their period. 

We’re using those five days to retrain them with new skills which would allow them to move from being in the sex trade to other ways they could provide for their families. It is a beautiful example of purpose and point of view driven marketing which makes a difference in the world, not only for these women, but
also for their families and for the future.

Would we see more men in your baby product ads?

We have a huge diversity of caregivers and different types of families in all our communication moving forward and we’re excited about that. It is no longer just about the mother as the primary care giver, and what a wonderful world that is. We are in process of launching the new campaign in India sometime this year. We are relaunching all our baby products by 2018.

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