Pitch honours India's Top 50 marketers?blur=25

At an evening that saw a flurry of brands and marketing gurus, Pitch, the leading marketing monthly of the exchange4media Group honoured top marketers of India at Pitch India’s Top 50 Marketers Awards 2010. The awards were given across ten categories namely – Resurgent Brands, Ageless Brands, Buzzy Brands, Rechargers, Value for Money, Globetrotters, Social Marketers, Bottom of Pyramid, Marketing Innovations and Impactful Launches.

Pragati Ratti Nov 1, 2010 3:33 PM

Marketers to share winning Mantras at Pitch CMO Summit?blur=25

Pitch, the advertising and marketing monthly of the exchange4media Group, is all set to organise the Pitch CMO Summit on 29th October, 2010, i.e. tomorrow. The CMO Summit marks the seventh anniversary celebrations of Pitch-The Face of Marketing, and it will witness the participation of some of the top winners of Pitch India’s Top 50 Marketers Awards share their winning mantras.

Pragati Ratti Oct 28, 2010 9:05 AM

NewsNext 2010: Are regional channels truer to ethics of journalism? Sudhir Chaudhury, Amita Karwal, Nikhil Seth, Moses Manoharan debate it out?blur=25

The concept of localisation and hyper localisation has been yielding positive results in the country. Moving out of national and international news, television news has spread its wings to regional issues and these are the markets to watch out for in the coming years. This market was explored in detail at the exchange4media NewsNext 2010 session titled ‘Has the regional promise delivered?’.

Pragati Ratti Sep 3, 2010 8:25 AM

NewsNext 2010: News channels need to get into the mindspace of the advertiser, say Maheswar Peri, Abdul Khan, Jasmin Sohrabji?blur=25

Today, advertising plays an important role when it comes to looking at the business angle of news. With news channels spending large sums on distribution, revenues coming from advertising brands cannot be cornered. This angle of television news was explored at the exchange4media NewsNext 2010 conclave in Delhi on September 1, in the session titled ‘News Television’s Role for Brands’.

Pragati Ratti Sep 3, 2010 8:24 AM