NewsMobile & Logically announce partnership

The two have joined hands for the roll-out of a range of election and information integrity products across South East Asia and the US

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Updated: Jul 30, 2020 12:14 PM

NewsMobile and Logically have announced an exciting partnership, rolling out a range of election and information integrity products across South East Asia - Including India,  Singapore and the US. 

London, UK - The partnership combines the best of editorial and fact-checking services with the best in anti-misinformation technology to create a range of tools and products - ensuring information integrity, in a time where misinformation has plagued today’s “post-truth” society. 

Logically aims to curb the impact of online harms through its work with Public Sector agencies and Platforms around the world to help detect problematic content, influence operations and track disinformation campaigns. The recently IFCN accredited organisation has previously detected foreign influence in Indian election campaigns, as well as over 40,000 pieces of unreliable news in the run-up to the 2019 Lok Sabha Election using their expansive suite of AI tools and expert investigators. Logically uses complex algorithms and signals designed to identify the accuracy and credibility of online content. It uses text analytics, metadata and editorial insights to determine the quality, reputation and authority of sources while monitoring social network behaviour and proliferation of content to discover suspicious patterns and deploy countermeasures.  

Newsmobile was founded in 2014 by the award-winning investigative journalist and TV commentator Saurabh Shukla. The company is an IFCN verified fact checker that has also partnered with a number of organisations, such as Facebook and WhatsApp, to curb the menace of online misinformation. NewsMobile's fact-checking work during Indian elections was also featured on the popular BBC show Click. NewsMobile has debunked over 2000 fake news stories and has contributed considerably in fighting misinformation globally, especially during the time of COVID19.  The partnership between NewsMobile and Logically will bring a synergy of editorial and content excellence with an outstanding futuristic technology platform.

NewsMobile has been a pioneer in creating digital content  for some of the top fortune 500 companies

Speaking on the partnership, founder of Logically, Lyric Jain said: “We’ve always strived to be inclusive, diverse and collaborative at Logically and it’s this collaborative nature that’s allowed us to create the very best in accountable and explainable AI systems to tackle misinformation and disinformation. Having invested in Extended intelligence—using AI to aid human fact-checking capabilities as opposed to replacing them— we now have the largest team of dedicated fact checkers on the planet. This exciting partnership with NewsMobile will allow us to scale our field of operations from an investigative team of 35 to 100s which will significantly  boost our impact and the performance of our technologies.”  

Saurabh also said: “We are very excited to join hands with Logically and together we will solve the problem of the other pandemic that we face besides Covid19, the pandemic of misinformation and fake news. The way that we consume information and interact with one another has radically changed over the past couple of decades, with the expansion in web technologies. Although we are now much more connected, the challenges of the digital information age have fundamentally altered the way in which we consume information— allowing bad actors to propagate misinformation for their own motives. Both NewsMobile and Logically produce great work and I'm sure that, in working together, we can better today's information ecosystem across India, South-east Asia, the USA and beyond.”

Logically and NewsMobile plan to expand their fact-checking operations within India, Asia Pacific and the US, and in several languages with the Biggest combined Fact Checking Ecosystem.  Logically recently raised an investment round, and NewsMobile which has developed a robust self sustained financial model is in talks to raise investment to fund its ambitious growth strategy.

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