When brands connect with consumers from the heart, they reciprocate: Samsung India CMO

Samsung is shunning ads focussed on features to tell stories about the people it serves in India

e4m by Venkata Susmita Biswas
Updated: Sep 20, 2017 7:48 AM

Samsung’s marketing strategy is witnessing a change. Gone are the days when the brand spoke to its consumers through foreign models who exalted the features of the product. Now 

the electronic consumer goods company is telling the stories of its consumers and stakeholders to develop a strong bond with the consumer base in India. 


The latest ad for the Samsung QLED TV which is part of the festive campaign focuses on the story of a father and daughter and how the television plays a crucial role in their lives. The television brings them closer together, even though the father takes control of the TV and switches it off to get his daughter to rest and sleep. “Our latest offering, the Samsung QLED TV changes the way people experience colours. It has richer colours, blacker black, but instead of talking about the features, we thought, ‘what does the TV really do to the people who are watching it?’,” said Ranjivjit Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung India. 


Speaking about the insight behind the ad, he said, “Our focus at Samsung is always the customer. What that means is that we are always listening to how they are spending their lives and how we can make their lives better. This research led to some interesting insights about how the Samsung TV has been an integral part of families, and how it is witness to very different emotions.” Singh said that when brands connect with consumers from the heart, they reciprocate. 


And indeed, the ad picks up on scenes that play out in every household. Parents who may turn off the TV also watch TV along with their children, rooting for the same team during a crucial match or even hoping that a villain gets his due in the course of the movie/show. “The common thread that emerged was the emotion. So we therefore thought, why not focus on the emotion because it is such a central theme to how people experience the television,” Singh said. It is with this idea in mind that team Samsung reached out to its creative agency - Cheil India. That’s how the tagline ‘Feel the colour, feel the love’ was conceptualised. 

Days after the launch of the Samsung QLED TV campaign, the ad has already registered 21 million views on YouTube alone. Telling such heart-warming, beautiful stories encourage the team at Samsung to tell more real stories rather than straight-forward advertising that’s based on product features alone.  


While the current ad is only inspired by real life, in the past Samsung has adapted real-life stories into commercials. The ‘Sapne Hue Bade’ campaign followed the real-life story of Seema Nagar, who was a student of the Samsung ITI/MSME programme in Jaipur. Seema who hails from a small town grows up in a typical household that believes that women belong in the home. She prevails over her conservative family with her will and grit and successfully pursues an ITI course in the face of opposition from her family. 


The ‘Sapne Hue Bade’ campaign that kicked off in 2016 retold the story of a Samsung Smart Class student, Sadanand Ugale, from Chinchada, a remote village in Maharashtra. With the assistance of Samsung Smart Class programme, Ugale receives quality education and finds the opportunity to soar high despite hailing from a small town with little access to latest technology and resources. 


Samsung began winning hearts with its Samsung Service Vans ads that went viral and broke the internet. The ad shows a Samsung engineer travelling to a remote location to resolve a customer service complaint. Despite the many hurdles, he arrives on time to find that his customer is a young girl at a school for those with visual impairment waiting to watch a programme along with other children. On last count, the ad had more than 100 million views on YouTube.

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