Reporter’s Diary: A bit mellow, but the fire burns bright

From hesitant baby steps to a reporter on the prowl, Tasneem Limbdiwala’s journey has been quite eventful at exchange4media. She is looking forward to some scintillating work from agencies in 2011 and also the emergence of some creative talent to watch out for.

e4m by Tasneem Limbdiwala
Updated: Jan 1, 2011 7:35 AM
Reporter’s Diary: A bit mellow, but the fire burns bright

This is my third year writing a Reporter’s Diary on New Year’s eve, and strangely I am at a loss for words. But let me start by stating that 2010 has been a turning point in my life – not just career wise but personally as well. It was a year that made me realise my responsibilities at work, time management and most of all, I got to make some real good friends at work and outside work.

I remember my first Reporter’s Diary mentioned me as a truck-driver and I shall not deny that I still term myself a one, but this truck driver has really mellowed over the years and I am proud of this change. After all, changes are always for the good!

As a reporter, I have been a hard core chaser and I love doing that. One might consider me to be a very ‘nosy’ person who wants to know what everybody and their respective organisation is up to; but mind you, I am not ashamed about this fact. Chasing gives me a sense of being alive and a certain adrenalin rush. And yes, people who know me do think I am blood sucking leech… Beware!!!

Let’s talk about 2011
2011… hmmm, seems promising for all. Post 2009, there is a certain sigh of relief in the market. The stock market looks good and the money seems to flow in again, at least from the advertisers, who are ready to spend again. It’s a circle of life for me. Being a reporter on the advertising beat, I am looking forward to some good campaigns from advertisers. I want to feel the excitement of great campaigns that will be talked about internationally. I am looking forward to some new creative talent names to emerge, and the list goes on…

On a personal note, another thing that I am excited about in 2011 is that finally my organisation shall have a weekend off henceforth. exchange4media per se has been my biggest motivation in my career and is like my second home. And not to forget mentioning my mentor Noor Fathima Warsia and my desk editor Shanta Saikia, who have always been my moral support and my shield to cover my goof-ups.

So yes, the truck-driver is yet another year older in exchange4media and greets 2011 with pleasant anticipation!

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