"India needs to look beyond cricket & Bollywood led content"

The content base in India is definitely rich, but narrow targeted, says Dominic Proctor, President, GroupM Global

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Updated: Mar 18, 2013 7:27 PM
"India needs to look beyond cricket & Bollywood led content"

In India, any marketing that revolves around cricket, Bollywood and celebrities is saleable. Marketing around these three popular content areas is something that has being tried and tested over the last many years and led into phenomenal results too. India is thereby rightly called as an emerging, entertaining and a super power house of content market.

It is in only in India where there are over 100 plus films released in a year, over 700 channels, 7 DTH operators in the business and where there is approximately 169 days of live cricket streaming. India is a market where there is an ever increase in music consumption via online downloads and FM tuning. India is the second leading market in internet usage in Asia and leads in video consumption in the world.

Industry experts believe that it is a great base to start from for brands to make a presence through various marketing activities but the question whether this base is sustainable for global expansion is something that needs to be decoded. According to Dominic Proctor, President, Group M Global, “The content base in India is definitely rich but is narrow targeted. Content generated is at large only targeted toward the Indian community. It is time for content creators to wake up and look beyond cricket, Bollywood and celebrities to create interest for many more global brands to come into the market.”

Proctor believes that the Indian audience is exposed to various sporting events, international cinema, etc. but the penetration of content of this nature is less. Once the Indian market gets exposed to this kind of content in a big way, marketing will need to be expanded, customised and above all will need to be focussed.

With content, technology is also changing at a fast pace. Digital is the next big wave that will change the Indian marketing business scenario. Currently, content creators in India haven’t really understood the power of digital media and are just replicating content through this media. Digital media has brought in a new opportunity of multi-screen visibility. Content creators can use this multi-screen visibility as an opportunity and target, monetise and measure the audiences’ response in a big way.

Proctor further shared, “From distribution-led business, the market needs to be content-led. Rather than focussing on inventory planning, it is time for agencies to look at audience planning.”

Channing role of media agencies in the converged eco-system
According Proctor, in India media agencies are looking forward to investing heavily on digital technology and get on board rich talent that understands this new emerging media. Though the digital media business is small right now, soon in India it will turn out to be a major area of interest by brands across categories in India.

Media agencies will also need to be diversified in nature. Globally, brands today are expecting advice on content, strategy, research, niche marketing options, results on RoI from media agencies. Media agencies will be expected to master all these areas soon and will get to put forward customised solutions to brands.

Dominic Proctor was expressing his views at FICCI Frames 2013 held in Mumbai.

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