Guest Column: How beauty, hospitality, healthcare, banking industries are leveraging Vine

A normal tweet may go unnoticed, but a twitpic or an embedded video will always be looked at. Vine will be crowd-sourced & shared significantly. It can improve the search engine ranking of brands' social media platforms

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Updated: Mar 22, 2014 10:08 AM
Guest Column: How beauty, hospitality, healthcare, banking industries are leveraging Vine

Vine, since its origin,has exploded to millions of users, followed by brands which have started to take notice too. When it comes to branded Vines, a Viner has to come up with something what we call unique, original, different, playful and passionate. So a little guidance, few tips, methods and secrets is what this article holds. Read to know how Vine can be used by an array of brands and segments in the best way.

A look at a few interesting ways that brands and various industry segments can use the new video sharing app, Vine.

Beauty Industry
It serves a great purpose for beauty brands to be on Vineas it provides a visual medium for them to share products, experiences and how-to videos. This helps them create a desire for their brands.

What can beauty brands do on Vine?
• Show makeup applications processes, a specific technique by a beauty or make-up professional or a speed-up version of a nail polish or a lipstick application
• Interviews with professionals who can give a hands-on lesson or a quick tip when applying the makeup
• Beauty tip, clarification or a recommendation from an expert
• An interview of a famous model or celebrity sharing why they use a particular brand can create a desire for the brand. For consumers who are new to brand, something like this will likely create brand advocacy
• Product overviews can be shown that can include new products or shades
• A particular makeup or product that a celebrity or top models wear on an event, show or the runway

Brands can also show faces of models in makeup before a fashion event, which can help consumers get acquainted with the beauty products used. This can also serve as an exclusive sneak peek of the backstage making them feel like a part of the brand family, a feeling not many consumers get. This creates a desire for the brand in consumer’s minds!

Revlon India made use of these six seconds to run a campaign on Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick- a Food-proof lipstick.

Hospitality (Hotels) Industry
Following are some of the activities that hotels can do to spice up through Vine videos:
• They can show a hotel tour that includes view of hotel, rooms, grounds, spa, etc.
• Hotel staff can be shown showcasing their skills. For example: how to plate up an afternoon tea & snack, how to make coffee or a drink
• Clips of an even, orchestra or live event in the hotel
• Short interview with guests
• Small but interesting features of hotels can be shown such as: flower arrangements, modular infrastructure, remote controlled curtains, etc.

With a clear focus on creativity, hotel brands can certainly attract a lot of visitors and guests. Sharing these Vine videos on social media platforms will also encourage interest in the brand. Fans and users can be encouraged by replying to their mentions of the hotel. These fans or guests can also be asked to post their own videos of the hotel. Vinevideos will indeed give a more human and personal touch to your customers.

Healthcare Industry
Healthcare brands can come up with the most compelling and beneficial videos. Here’s what they can do:
• Satisfied patients or supporters can share their praise through a Vine video attaching it with the brand’s hashtag. It’s a great way for people to know your brand better
• Highlight a new medical equipment or technology via video. How it works can also be briefly highlighted
• Healthcare organisation’s support for special days, weeks or months dedicated to health issues can be shown
• Inspiring messages to encourage support for a cause, personal stories of survival, interesting facts, etc., can be shared
• A new building, section or a renovation can be unveiled through a teaser
• Potential patients can be shown a virtual video tour that include high-tech features, beautiful surroundings & staff
• Spread the word about health classes, fundraising, blood donation drives etc. accompanied by benefits of the event, to encourage attendance
• A quick patient testimonial

Vine offers a great potential for healthcare brands to connect and communicate with their consumers in the most convenient and modern way.

Banking Industry
Yet another sector that can bank on interesting concept of Vine videos is the banking sector. Banks can do a lot on Vine to connect and communicate with their customers.
• Banks can show how to manage accounts alert preferences or deal with phishing e-mails through Vine videos
• Answer frequently asked questions
• Show an online banking journey to consumers giving a clear idea to them on what to do
• Create a thanking video for fans

Kotak Mahindra Bankhad created a Vine video to celebrate the milestone of 50,000 followers on Twitter. This is what they tweeted:

Woohoo! We just crossed 50K followers. A #Celebrating50K #Vine dedicated for you. Thanks for your support!

Following this, the bank sent a token of appreciation to the fans who engaged with theVine videos. They sent a personalised card to each of them, further adding to the overall celebrations.

In a nutshell, brands can do a lot with Vines. Brands can come up with:
• Promotional Vines – compared to long commercials you can promote a specific product or service
• How-to Vines – you can show Vines of how a product can be used in more than one way, etc.
• Before and after Vines – Vines of a revamped product/brand
• Storytelling – convert anything that is in a written form into a video & share
• Contests
• Ask a question through Vine, conveying a social message

A normal tweet may go unnoticed, but a twitpic or an embedded video will always be looked at. Vine will be crowd-sourced and shared significantly. It can improve the searchengine ranking of your social media platforms. By using tags, social buttons and share buttons, SEO can be boosted and traffic can be driven largely.

Have you as a brand or a consumer used Vine yet? If yes, then do share with us more ways of using Vine for businesses & brands or just show us your interesting Vines. So, what are you waiting for? Add Vine to your content marketing strategy and do not forget to pair the power of these Vine videos with social media.

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