“CCD ad is a fantastic brand connect with coffee drinking”

The ad is built on the insight that ‘standing up’ often doesn’t really yield results, but a lot can happen when you ‘sit down’

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Updated: Dec 10, 2012 7:40 PM
“CCD ad is a fantastic brand connect with coffee drinking”

In a world where youngsters are asked to stand up for various things, Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) urges them to ‘Sit down’ for love and peace, to make friends and tweet and to read and dream through its first-ever TVC  in its 16 years of existence. The campaign follows a recent burst of print media advertisements and aims to reinforce the brand into every single household in India through the TVC.

The ‘Sit down’ TVC, conceptualised by Creativeland Asia, is built on the insight that ‘standing up’ often doesn’t really yield results, but a lot can happen when you ‘sit down’. The TVC, in an entertaining manner, captures conversations from making plans with friends to simply resolving issues by the CCD-goers across cafes in India. The film ends with the line, ‘Sit down. A lot can happen over coffee’.

The storyline of the TVC shows how a bunch of youngsters start a movement called ‘sit down’ by self recording videos across various CCDs across the country to the self anthem and then posting it via various avenues on social media.

Speaking on the launch of its first TVC, K Ramakrishnan, President Marketing, Cafe Coffee Day said, “CCD as a brand has never advertised in mass media in the last 16 years of its existence. It has been built solely through unique and pioneering marketing initiatives, coffee category building activities, public relations and more recently through social media. Earlier this year, we ventured into outdoor, radio and print ads in key metros to scale up exposure for our new menu. However, today with the brand presence expanding over 185 cities into newer towns and markets, we believe it is the right time to get deeper into our customers lives and make our presence felt in every single household. And this is possible only through television.”  He added, “The TVC reflects the way of life of millions of youth following the brand.” 

On the ‘sit down’ idea, he said, “At a time when ‘standing up’ for issues seems to be the order of the day, the ad reminds you of the positive results of sitting down and discussing various subjects over your favorite brew.” He further added, “The launch of our first TVC is a historic moment for us. We are proud of the way it has turned out and we are sure it will connect well with the youth.”

Sajan RaJ Kurup, Founder and Creative Chairman, Creativeland Asia said, “This is the first ever TVC for CCD. I feel extremely fortunate to have had this unique historic opportunity. We wanted CCD’s first ever TVC to be a little more than an advert. We wanted it to be something that CCD goers identify with, something that is effortless and not trying too hard and something that is neither too heavy nor too frivolous. In the whole idea of ‘sit down’, we eventually found all these and more.  It is a powerful thought which is socially relevant in India at this juncture.”

RaJ added, “While the hype initially may be on the TVC, the campaign will be integrated across media with digital and social media playing a very poignant role. Many campaign specific acts have been planned over the last year and will be executed phase-wise.”

The TVC is produced by Equinox Films and directed by Ram Madhvani. It was shot over seven days across various CCD outlets around the country. With a cast of over 70 youngsters, the TVC combines two contrarian cultures of the cafe space and the social media space.

“Great effort has gone into crafting every detail in the TVC by Ram, I and our respective teams who have relentlessly worked over months to design each and every frame in the TVC,” added Raj.

Expert speak
Industry experts feel that the ad and the jingle have hit the bull’s eye. Anindya Banerjee, Branch Head and Executive Creative Director, Scarecrow Asia said, “CCD announces its entry into TV with a bang. ‘Sit down’ is a great commercial. The jingle is quite engaging and makes its point admirably. The best part is that the brand is not in your face. It walks in quietly without you realising it.”

“Judging by all the online activity on it, the commercial is being forwarded, and that’s always an acid test. My only issue is the length. The commercial on YouTube is over 2 minutes long and looks lovely. Will the jingle have the same impact in 30 seconds? I am not sure,” he added.

Vipul Thakkar, Executive Creative Director, DDB Mudra South said, “It's not the first time a communication has used a peppy, catchy song/jingle to woo the youth, in fact it's become a trend with more and more brands jumping on to the bandwagon. Having said that, what is refreshing about this communication is it doesn't push, persuade or preach the youth to stand up for a cause, on the contrary it literally tells them to ‘sit down’ and take it easy. This makes it very different from the rest of the lot, and it’s a fantastic brand connect with coffee drinking.”

On the jingle, he felt, “The jingle perhaps is the best part of the communication. A close second is the way social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are used in the execution.”

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