Agencies must learn to keep calm and walk in the client's shoes : Sanjay Warke

Sanjay Warke, Country Head-DS Division, Toshiba India, talks about five guiding principles that form the strong foundation of groundbreaking agency-client relationships

e4m by Aditi Raval
Updated: Jun 2, 2014 7:44 AM
Agencies must learn to keep calm and walk in the client's shoes : Sanjay Warke

When Sanjay Warke, Country Head-DS Division, Toshiba India, addressed the delegates on day two of Goafest 2014, he did so with quoting five essential principles on building effective client-agency relationships. These are simple principles that get missed which leads to unnecessary and superfluous interactions between agency and client. Below are the principles he declared.

1. Keep calm and walk in my shoes

The idea behind this principle is for agencies to understand the client’s goals, stumbling blocks realities and opportunities instead of just taking the brief and giving the deliverables. This also works both ways. This can produce breakthrough masterpieces and the emphasis would then be more on feelings rather than data and numbers, Warke added.

2. The crystal ball gaze

“Not just tell me what is, see and show me,” said Warke, on the need to not just crack the brief, but to walk sideways or diagonally and change from ‘What Is’ to ‘What If’ in terms of creativity. Warke said since Toshiba is already a recognised brand, he constantly thinks about how to enrich it with different perspectives; how to make it a challenger brand like Pepsi or like Asian Paints which is a brand with cultural insights, or make it human like Vodafone.

3. Don’t believe your own lies

Warke said creative ideas can be seductive. Agencies shouldn’t be their own worst enemies. It is imperative to find the balance between instinct and research.

4. Believe in your idea

Ideas find the expression they deserve and ideas also find the audience they deserve. He quoted the example of LED Cricket TV launched by Toshiba. In a competitive LED TV market, Toshiba didn’t just want to be the 57th brand endorsed by Sachin Tendulkar. So they decided to have Sachin Tendulkar as a co-creator of the TV which was specially made for cricket lover. Sachin’s inputs combined with Toshiba’s engineers together created the TV which increased the revenues hugely.

5. Raise my expectations

It’s easy to meet expectations, much tougher to exceed them. Same roads will lead to the same destinations. Unconventional ideas are needed to deliver unconventional results, Warke said.

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