The company will also focus on its rural marketing strategy to target the untouched and uninsured population

Rahul Dubey 06-July-2012

A recent report by Forrester conducted in the US market reveals that Facebook ads have strong impact on purchase and recommendation of brands

Rahul Dubey 03-July-2012

A survey by social media research agency Greenlight explores whether Facebook ads work & if FB can compete with Google in the search space

Rahul Dubey 25-June-2012

Experts are anticipating massive investments in the digital advertising space after Komli Media raised close to Rs 215 crore

Rahul Dubey 13-June-2012

Deepak Lamba, who had quit Bloomberg UTV in April this year, has joined Bennett Coleman & Company Ltd as President

Rahul Dubey 02-June-2012

While GM has announced that it will pull out advertisements from Facebook, the company’s Indian operations has gone aggressive on the social media site

Rahul Dubey 31-May-2012

Over the years, several corporate houses in India have invested in the media business, but without quantifiable success. The trend has picked force again. Read why...

Srabana Lahiri and Rahul Dubey 31-May-2012

With a significant number of launches lined up this year, Maruti Suzuki is all set to up its marketing budget by 12-15 per cent

Rahul Dubey 30-May-2012

With a significant number of launches lined up this year, Maruti Suzuki is all set to up its marketing budget by 12-15 per cent

Rahul Dubey 30-May-2012

Reliance Communication has taken an aggressive marketing route to acquire a larger share of the Indian Android market

Rahul Dubey 30-May-2012

GM has said it will stop advertising on Facebook globally. The decision will have minimalistic repercussion in India, as the social media dynamics here are still evolving

Rahul Dubey 18-May-2012

Expanding its video proposition to the social network Google Plus, Google has announced Hangouts On Air for all its 100 million users

Rahul Dubey 09-May-2012

LinkedIn’s $118.75 million play for SlideShare is seen as a win-win deal

Rahul Dubey 08-May-2012

A near impossible task is to get marketing heads of brands to talk about challenging times, says exchange4media’s Rahul Dubey

Rahul Dubey 05-May-2012

Google to give away $50 million in free Google AdWords advertising to help more than 500,000 businesses enter the video advertising space

Rahul Dubey 25-April-2012

Ten reasons why Rajan Anandan, MD of Google India believes that the Indian digital industry will be led by mobile devices

Rahul Dubey 16-April-2012

Nominees for the Digital Advertiser of the Year award are Hero Moto Corp, M TV, Tata Docomo, Airtel, Mahindra Auto, Volkswagen, among others

Rahul Dubey 10-April-2012

After increasing its marketing spends by 40 per cent, BMW Group is focusing on experiential and guerilla marketing plans for Mini in India

Rahul Dubey 09-April-2012

After the latest timeline offering, Facebook has launched its mobile application in Indian languages to attract more consumers

Rahul Dubey 06-April-2012

The final round of adjudging over 500 entries of the Indian Digital Media Awards 2012 was completed yesterday; awards to be declared on April 16

Rahul Dubey 03-April-2012