#RepublicTV garners netizen support; goes social for recruitment, building viewership base

Across social media channels #RepublicTV, #Republic, @republic, and #workwithArnab have spurred close to 24,000 social media interactions since January 12. The conversations around Republic, workwithArnab were 41.2 per cent positive in sentiment and only 13 per cent negative, with many people seeking to join the team and registering their unwavering support for the channel

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Updated: Feb 8, 2017 8:12 AM
#RepublicTV garners netizen support; goes social for recruitment, building viewership base

Noted prime time news anchor Arnab Goswami’s new venture Republic is using social media to recruit talent and amass a loyal fan base on social media. The new channel’s Twitter and Facebook posts have been offering job openings, which have received immense traction and are being shared widely across all social media channels.

Across social media platforms #RepublicTV, #Republic, @republic, and #workwithArnab have spurred close to 24,000 social media conversations since January 1 according to findings from Meltwater. The conversations around #RepublicTV and #workwithArnab were 41.2 per cent positive in sentiment and only 13 per cent negative, with many people seeking to join the team and registering their support for the channel.

Unique ways to build a unique brand

Arnab Goswami’s popularity and his existing fan following are at the core of the upcoming start-up TV channel’s branding strategy. The channel is trying to tap into Goswami’s loyal followers both online and offline.

“The team is creating and marketing the aura of Republic as a brand through social media. This is one way of creating fans even before the brand takes off,” said Harish Bijoor, brand strategy specialist and founder Harish Bijoor Consults. According to Bijoor, Republic is unlike the other TV news channel brands, and that is evident even the unique ways the channel is employing to do various things.  

According to multiple brand consultants, Republic’s use of Twitter and Facebook to advertise for recruitment drives across the nation is a cost-effective way of getting the job done.  

Reaching out to the right audience

Offline Goswami is making appearances at colleges across the country, delivering passionate speeches to draw the support of the youth. Meanwhile, his team is working online to reach out to as many committed individuals as possible to #workwitharnab.

“Reaching out via social media and by going to colleges, Goswami is tapping into his target audience - the youth. He has also associated the channel with a larger cause of ‘independent journalism’, and making the government accountable to its people. By literally spelling out this cause, Goswami has created an enemy to hit,” says Jagdeep Kapoor, brand guru and Chairman and Managing Director of Samsika Marketing Consultants. Setting the agenda for the channel also draws out the right audience for the channel, Kapoor said.

Using social media to recruit talent

Republic has advertised for various positions from editorial staff to HR across social media platforms including the conventional LinkedIn and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. On January 12 Republic announced on its social media platforms that it was looking to build its news desk. ‘Can you grab a chair on the Republic desk?’ the graphic read. It was the first of the channel’s many posts calling for suitable candidates to join the team.

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N Chandramouli, CEO TRA, said, “The job recruitment drives are being advertised like reality TV show auditions. That is the in the nature of Goswami. He draws people using his charisma. Given that this is a start-up news channel that claims to be an independent channel, Goswami will need people who will be committed to him. This is one way of targeting passionate individuals who will stay with him even if the venture sees some failure. He is using the platform to collect his crowd.”

With Indian netizens vicariously taking part in the process of Republic building its organization, the chances that the channel has captive viewership from Day 1 of going on air is quite likely.  

“If comparison has to be drawn to another news channel that started from scratch, it would be NDTV,” said Chandramouli. “But that was a different era. To build a channel from scratch is a tough job,” said Chandramouli.

In essence, Republic is leveraging Goswami’s brand, unique outreach initiatives, and cost-effective recruitment strategies to build not its brand and organisation, but also a loyal viewer base for a strong and effective fresh start.

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