Reporter’s Diary: Tuned in to the radio beat

Reporter Surbhi Bhasin is on a mission to discover the radio medium and how it is helping brands reach out to more people at a fraction of the cost

e4m by Surbhi Bhasin
Updated: Jul 7, 2012 7:19 PM
Reporter’s Diary: Tuned in to the radio beat

I don’t think I have listened to radio as much in my life as I am doing now. With the radio beat being allotted to me, I have started familiarising myself with all the FM stations on India.

And so far it has been an interesting journey of discovery, literally music to my ears. What had earlier seemed like endless banter of RJs, seemingly pointless and sometimes even irritating, now reveal an FM station’s identity. The music that different radio stations play in different time slots of the day also reveal their strategy to capture as many ‘ears’ as possible.

And I am also learning how big the stakes are involved in the radio business, that it is not all songs and RJ talk. Big brands are taking to the radio medium to increase their reach and the economics work out perfectly for them. While one would spend around Rs 50 lakh per ad in a medium like television, radio provides an even greater reach for as less as Rs 2,000.

I am currently working on a report on the ad rates in different FM radio stations, and it has opened my eyes to how big the business actually is.

All in all, I am now totally wired for sound, and loving every moment of it…

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