My favourite RJ: Nitin, Fever FM

RJ Nitin’s voice resonates confidence & the way he designs content is very interesting, says Ambika Sharma, MD & CEO, Pulp Strategy

by Saloni Surti
Published - Nov 16, 2012 6:15 PM Updated: Nov 16, 2012 6:15 PM
My favourite RJ: Nitin, Fever FM

Increasing commercial pressure, need for crisp content and smart show formats has made RJing a very challenging job. Today, RJs have to thoroughly understand their audience and create content that they can connect to.

Ambika Sharma, Managing Director and CEO, Pulp Strategy says RJ Nitin from Fever FM is her favourite because of his wonderful voice and interesting content.

RJ Nitin aka Ulta Pulta Nitin has been a part of various radio stations such as Radio Mirchi, Red FM and Fever FM. Nitin is known for his quick wit and bold nature.

exchange4media chats with Ambika Sharma to find out what she likes about RJ Nitin.

Who is you favourite RJ?
I have always liked the voice of Nitin aka Ulta Pulta Nitin; he is my favourite.

What do you like about Nitin?
His voice resonates confidence and he has great diction. The subjects he picks and the way he designs content is very interesting.

When do you tune in to radio the most?
Mostly when driving in between meeting hops.

With increasing commercial pressure, do you think RJs are able to keep their content objective?
The commercial integration is a necessity for the medium; some manage to pull it off quite well while some do not. A lot of times it’s not the integration but the force-fit which is a put off.

From the advertising and media industry, which personality do you think could make a marvelous RJ?
I have always thought Roshan Abbas ruled when it came to radio, but then he is so much more beyond that space now.

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