Complete Wellbeing magazine celebrates its 5th anniversary

After a not too encouraging launch in 2006, Complete Wellbeing magazine has reported a 30-35 per cent growth in circulation this year.

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Updated: Nov 2, 2011 9:27 AM
Complete Wellbeing magazine celebrates its 5th anniversary

Complete Wellbeing Publishing Pvt. Ltd. celebrated the fifth anniversary of its Health & Wellbeing magazine, Complete Wellbeing. Four years back when the magazine was launched in 2006, it had tough time selling copies. However, this year (fifth year), the magazine seen a phenomenal growth in circulation of 30-35%.

“First four years were difficult in terms of circulation but the fifth has been wonderful,” said Manoj Khatri, Editor-Publisher, Complete Wellbeing. He added, “You can’t push a flower to bloom earlier than its time.”

The magazine’s editorial team finds experts and writers from all over the world. For its anniversary issue, the magazine has put together a unique; first-of-its-kind game-based cover story. The idea behind this concept was to disseminate information in a unique way.
“We wanted to make a departure from giving information to readers in a typical manner or information that people take for granted,” he said.

Khatri further stated, “Presenting it as a game not only breaks the monotony, but also adds an element of fun to the otherwise boring process of self-improvement.”

He also mentioned that game based cover story may trigger a behavioural change in our readers. He opined, “We want to see an actual improvement in the life of the readers, not just in term of awareness.”

The game-based cover story is based on the universally played game – Snakes and Ladders and it is called ‘Snakes and Ladders of Your Life-100 things that people all think, do or believe in their day-to-day lives.’

You play the game while reading the cover story and make a score of it. Of the 100 things listed in the cover story, the ones that serve us are ladders and the snakes are the ones that pull us down in some way or the other.

Knowing the self-defeating and self empowering behaviours of life is what motivated the publisher to use the snake and ladders concept. “Knowing the Snakes and Ladders that gives you better control over your life, helps you weed out thoughts that are hampering your wellbeing,” said Manoj.

According to him, the cover story comes with a scoring system, which helps you conduct a self-audit of your current wellbeing index. He explained, “Your scores show how you fare in each sphere of your life. It highlights the areas that you are strong in and ones that you need to work on-all this in a fun, entertaining way.”

He also marked that going forward they want to continue to innovate ways of generating content and keep the design uncluttered and clean. “We don’t want to trivialize the subject of well being in design and follow an international benchmark for layout.”

They also have digital format of the magazine and he said that the Complete Wellbeing magazine tops the list in the digital format on the website which is world’s largest newsstand. They would like to develop subscription base in their print and digital version, tie ups with pharmaceuticals companies which is about 38,000-40,000 in circulation currently and through newsstands.


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