“We tried to ignore social media for a while”

Law and Justice Minister Salman Khurshid admits that social media dynamics & the way government works is different

e4m by Abid Hasan
Updated: Sep 28, 2012 8:24 PM
“We tried to ignore social media for a while”

There are certain frameworks in which media performs and the industry is self-regulatory to an extent. But as Law and Justice Minister Salman Khurshid points out, there is a thin line between controlling and regulating when it comes to media.

Referring to the latest guideline given by the Supreme Court regarding reporting of criminal cases, Khurshid said that it has been done due to the excessive and misleading reporting that can be done against the person who is on trial.

He added, “Laws all over the world regarding media are almost the same, with some slight differences. The Government is working on how to provide fast track decisions as it will solve half the problems.”

Given the growing clout and use of social media, the Law Minister said, “It will not be a good idea if politicians impose several restrictions on social media.” At the same time he added, “The trouble with social media is not in its regulation, but in implementing it, because you cannot source them and because you don’t know where the respondents are.”

When asked about the Government’s plan regarding social media, he replied, “Social media demands and the way Government works are totally different. We are waking up to social media only now; earlier we had we tried to ignore social media for a while, but it has become very large and important. We are working on our plans for social media and it will take some time.”

Salman Khurshid was expressing his views at the Media, Advertising & Entertainment Legal Summit 2012 organised by Lex Witness in New Delhi on September 27.

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