Guest Column: What you should never do as a leader

It is imperative to be appreciative of employees in an open forum, but pointing out concerns has to be done within closed doors, says Sarabjeet Sachar of Aspiration

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Updated: Apr 2, 2013 7:26 PM
Guest Column: What you should never do as a leader

“How can you do that? I had told you to come back to office after your calls but you went home directly...and without informing meeeeee???? I will have to now check all your daily call reports because I doubt whether you have really been making any genuine calls,” a boss said this furiously to a manager in front of the 12-member team, which included those who were reporting into him. And this boss is known to behave in this unpleasant manner on a regular basis. No wonder the company has a ‘revolving door’ and am sure that the performance of the products must be way below expectations.

The boss has lost the employee forever. ‘Self esteem’ as we all know is an individual’s greatest asset and as leaders, we have to be extra careful that we do not touch the wrong chord. Once a boss puts down an employee in front of his/her juniors,  the entire effort of building a team goes waste and the morale of the whole team is low and has the potential of becoming a platform for politics. I have come across so many candidates who share with us this kind of an uncalled for behaviour from their bosses.

The five things one loses by openly putting down an employee or giving negative feedback about a person in the open in front of the team:
The person loses self respect in front of all his/her team members.
The performance that the employee has given till date is as good as written off.
The team members who are reportees will not fall in line when the manager gives instructions for work to be done.
The work load on the boss will increase and the purpose of building an organisation structure will be defeated.
The hurt employee will not talk good about the company just in case he/she leaves, so the brand reputation of the organisation as an employer will suffer.

As leaders, we should always remember that it is imperative to be very appreciative about our team members in an open forum as it boosts morale, and when it comes to pointing out concerns/areas of an individual’s improvement, it has to be done within closed doors.

Happy Team Building!

The author is Founder and CEO, Aspiration

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