Guest Column: Make your resume work

A resume is a silent salesman for a sales professional & undermining its importance can mean missed opportunities, says Sarabjeet Sachar of Aspiration

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Updated: Oct 12, 2012 8:13 PM
Guest Column: Make your resume work

Many media professionals undermine the importance of this ‘silent salesman’ not because they don’t value it, but because they do not manage to find quality time to write their resume. And in the bargain, they unintentionally reduce the number of career opportunities that could knock at their doors.

It’s not a good idea to ignore the document which conveys a lot about you before you meet the prospective employer. Importantly, writing a well thought out resume aids in directing your career objective.

Five key things one should focus upon while writing one’s resume:

Do a SWOT analysis of yourself as a media sales professional
This would give you clarity on what your strengths are and what kind of opportunities do they match with? It creates a road map for you to follow for the next three to five years. And you would agree that this is a question to which most of us would like to have an answer. You would also become aware of what weaknesses to underplay in your resume. This exercise is important because it helps one to easily relate to his/her resume.

Functional vs. chronological
Chronological: In case you have had a steady career with say maybe two or three companies over the past 10 years, it is advisable to write a chronological resume which provides details of your current job on the top followed by previous jobs.
Functional: If you have had varied experience across different functions such as sales, business development, activation, conceptualisation, a functional resume works better.

Even a combination of the two forms can work depending upon your background and what you are seeking in a career shift.

Achievements and not responsibilities
Asking yourself what results you achieved is better than asking what you have been responsible for. Like instead of mentioning ‘Handling a revenue size of Rs 30 crore and a team of 12 sales professionals’, qualify this with achievements such as ‘Procured 12 first-time advertisers within a period of six months’ or ‘Delivered revenue of Rs 5 crore by selling new concepts and business development garnering total revenue of Rs 30 crore.

Depending upon your career objective, you need to highlight the areas of your strengths. For example, if you want to shift from radio sales to digital, highlight your ‘conceptualisation ability and business development achievements’ in the resume as this would be appreciated by the digital space employers.

Not more than two pages
A resume should be well thought out, written and re-written to bring out your best and most sought after qualities to fit into not more than two pages.

Invest your time and energy in following the above tips and you will surely experience that your resume works...really works!

The author is Founder of Aspiration

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